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Improving the quality of photos online


Ukrainian startup Let's Enhance has developed a free online service that, with the help of neural networks, improves the quality of small photos, increasing their resolution four times.

We were fortunate enough to live in an era when technology is developing at an unprecedented rate. Sci-fi crime drama tools are becoming a reality. Alex Savsunenko and Vladislav Pranskevichus created the most easy-to-use tool to improve the quality of photos. It is enough to drag the image onto a specially launched website and the magic transformation will immediately start.

The secret of software is the use of neural networks - computer systems organized on the principle of biological neural networks (human and animal brain). The current version of Let's Enhance uses neural networks that are most focused on landscape and portrait images to quadruple the quality of low-resolution images.

To create the final image, the program uses three layers. The first - Anti-JPEG filter - removes JPEG compression artifacts, for example, loss at the edges, sharpness, tones. The second layer - the Boring filter - upscales (increases resolution), preserving the original details and edges. Using AI technology, the third and final layer, called the Magic filter, tries to identify the displayed item (based on previously uploaded photos in the database) and fill it with new details.

Improving the quality of photos online

Online services that can do almost anything have not been left out here. A huge number of sites, both foreign and Russian, will help the user to correct the photo taken in a hurry. All four online services considered in the article have a large number of functions and are very convenient, even easy to use.

Method 1: FanStudio

This service has the greatest number of functions to improve photography than its counterparts. A convenient and intuitive interface can help any user in solving the problem quickly and efficiently, and the function of previewing the changed image online cannot but rejoice.

To improve the quality of photos on FunStudio, follow a few simple steps:

    Download your image from the computer by clicking on the button “Download for processing” and wait for the operation to complete.

You can track all applied effects and changes in the action panel, as well as undo them by unchecking them.

FunStudio's online service also has a great feature. “Comparison with the original”. To apply it, left-click on the corresponding function at the bottom of the editor, and when you need to see the changed image, release it.

After all the steps done, in order to save the photo to your computer, click on “Save or get the link” on the bottom panel, just below the image.

Method 2: Croper

This online service, unlike the previous one, has a more minimalistic design and is more modest in features, but this does not affect its work. The site copes with the task of improving the quality of the photo using various effects as conveniently and quickly as possible.

To process photos on Croper you need to do the following:

    Upload your photo to the site, which should be processed by clicking on the button "Select a file", and then click on the button "Download".

After that, through the panel at the top, go to the tab "Operations"where all possible editor functions will be available.

After completion of work for downloading the image, go to the tab "Files" and choose any option that suits you.

Method 3: EnhancePho.To

Unlike the two previous online services, EnhancePho.To has pretty standard image enhancement features. Its big plus is both ease of use and speed of processing, which is very important for the user. You can view the image changes online and compare with the original image, which is definitely a plus.

Follow these steps to enhance your photo in this online service:

    Upload images from your computer to the site server by clicking on the button “From the disk” on the top panel directly above the editor, or use any other method provided by the site.

In the image editor, select the functions you need by clicking on them with the left mouse button.

After completing the image, click Save and Share.

In the window that opens, click "Download"in order to download the image to your computer.

Method 4: IMGOnline

The online service IMGOnline is already a frequent visitor to articles about changing images. The site perfectly copes with any task and its only drawback is the interface, which is a little unfriendly to the user and requires getting used to, but otherwise, the resource is commendable.

To use the IMGOnline editor and improve the photo, follow these steps:

    First you need to choose the type of improvement that the user wants to carry out, and their list is provided in the form of links.

Download the image from your computer by left-clicking on "Select a file".

After you have chosen the improvement you need, a new window will open in which all possible types of processing for this method will be provided. For example:

    To adjust the brightness and contrast, you need to enter a value in the selected form from 1 to 100.

Next, select the image format in which the resulting photo will be saved.

Then the user must press the button "OK"to save all changes.

After all the actions performed, in the window that opens, select any method of loading the modified image that is convenient for you and click on it.

Online services each time more and more amaze with their capabilities. Almost every site on our list is in some ways good, but in some ways has its drawbacks. The main thing here is that they all cope with the task quickly, clearly and without unnecessary actions from the user, and this fact cannot be neglected and denied.

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