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Homemade sausage


Home-made sausages are a real delicacy, which is difficult to resist even for those who are indifferent to sausages. And how can you compare them with store products, which include soy, dyes and preservatives. Home-made sausages are natural, tasty and fragrant. Such food can undoubtedly be called healthy and healthy!

Cooking Tools

It just seems that sausages are a complex dish. In fact, everything is much simpler. And so that you are convinced of this, try to cook an appetizer according to the simplest recipe. Eyes are afraid, but hands do!

First, get the necessary kitchen utensils - a blender or an electric meat grinder with different nozzles, a sharp knife, a cutting board, a bowl, a pan, a frying pan, a colander and a thick thread or twine for dressing sausages. You may need a colander to remove excess moisture after boiling them.

Meat and spices

Any kind of meat - pork, beef, lamb, chicken, turkey or duck - is suitable for minced meat. They can be mixed with each other in any proportions. In fat-free beef or turkey, lard or cream is added for juiciness. The ideal stuffing is two parts of pork and one part of beef and bacon.

It would be nice to add brightness to the stuffing, so seasonings will not hurt. The best spices for homemade sausages are garlic, paprika, hot red pepper, nutmeg, rosemary, marjoram, turmeric, mint, thyme, basil, caraway seeds, a mixture of peppers and cardamom. They give the meat a bright taste and piquancy. If you like gastronomic experiments, add prunes, apples, pineapples, pomegranate seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, fried onions, olives, cheese or bell peppers to the minced meat. Sausages acquire a completely new taste after adding tomato juice, wine or cognac.

Delicious minced meat

And now - a few subtleties of cooking minced meat for sausages at home. First, the meat and lard must be cut into pieces and put in the freezer for about an hour or a little longer, and together with a meat grinder. The colder the tools and raw materials, the more ideal the grinding. But try not to freeze the meat. Outside it should be icy, and inside - soft. Grind the fillet through a large grill as quickly and in small portions as possible, filling the meat grinder by a quarter. After adding spices to the meat, you need to knead it well with your hands. Some housewives do not grind meat, but chop it finely so that the sausages are more textured, with a rich taste and aroma.

What are the shells?

A cover for homemade sausages can be bought at the store. They are natural and artificial. Natural casings are lamb, beef or pig intestines, while artificial casings are made from collagen, cellulose and polyamide. In synthetic casings, sausage is not oxidized and is stored much longer. The best option for homemade sausage is a collagen shell, which is edible because it is made from animal skins. If you want to use natural casings, keep in mind that they do not differ in high strength, but cow guts are considered the most reliable of them. The dimensions of the shell depend on which sausage you want to receive.

How to prepare a sausage skin

When choosing a natural shell for a future sausage, make sure that there are no holes or knots on it. She should not smell of lard and in general have any smells. Before use, it must be soaked in salt water for two hours, while the temperature should be about 20-25 ° C. This is necessary so that the film can be easily cleaned from the sausage later. After this, the intestines are washed with hot water inside and out, and then tested for quality. To do this, you need to pass water through them, and where it will leak, it is better to cut the shell.

Artificial casings are soaked for 5 minutes in salt water at a temperature of 35–40 ° C, 1 tsp per liter of water. salt. After that, they are also washed under hot running water, but not as intensively as the intestines of animals. In this regard, artificial shells are more practical.

Ingredients (3 kg of sausage)

  • Pork (neck, shoulder blade, back) 2-2.5 kg
  • Spinal fat 500-700 gr
  • Garlic 1 head
  • Pork small intestines 5 m
  • Cognac or brandy as desired
  • Salt, ground black pepper, dried herbs (basil, thyme, oregano), ground coriander to taste
  1. You must understand that home-made sausage is a very satisfying and tasty dish. Sausage is perfectly stored, especially if the cooked sausage cooked at home is laid in a ceramic pot and filled with melted lard.
  2. In any case, the sausage for the holiday should be prepared on the eve, and the final heat treatment should be performed immediately before the feast. Then the sausage will be the most delicious. Although, I have not seen a person who refuses a sandwich with cold sausage or hot.

    Spices for sausage: salt, oregano, thyme, pepper, basil, coriander

    Pork Small Intestines - Natural Shell

    Pork meat can be used from any part of the carcass: neck, shoulder blade, back

    Fat, preferably not salty and not frozen

    Chop meat and lard

    In a large bowl, combine chopped meat and lard

    Add spices and garlic to the meat

    Stuffing Ready for Stuffing

    Shell on a special nozzle ready for filling

    Stuff the shell with minced meat

    Stuffed Sausage Stuffed

    Tie the sausage with a thread and refrigerate

    The sausage casing must be pierced in many places

    Cook sausage from the beginning of boiling water - 4-5 minutes

    After cooking, take the sausages out of boiling water, put them on plates and let cool

    Squeeze grease out of fat

    Grease sausages with grease from cracklings, put on baking sheets, put in the oven and fry

    Pork sausage, perfectly stored in the refrigerator

    Pork home-made sausage - the highlight of the holiday table

    Turning minced meat into sausage

    Filling the shells with minced meat is the most delicate and crucial part of the culinary process. To do this, the meat grinder bowl is filled with minced meat, and the nozzle is changed to a special cone on which the shell is worn. There is one subtlety - first squeeze the forcemeat into the intestine and only then tie a bundle at the end, otherwise the air will get inside and the sausage will swell. But there is nothing to worry about, just pierce it with a toothpick before cooking, and air will escape.

    Fill the shell with meat tight enough, but do not overdo it, otherwise the sausage will burst during cooking.

    If you don’t have a nozzle or a meat grinder, cut off the top at the plastic bottle and push the minced meat through the neck straight into the gut.

    You can not cut a long sausage into individual sausages, but simply fill the shell with minced meat in portions, leaving small gaps. Later, these places can be bandaged and then cut. This method is suitable if you have a solid shell without holes and cracks.

    Cook, fry, bake

    The hardest part is behind. It remains to find out how to cook and fry home-made sausages. Put them in boiling water and cook for 10 minutes until cooked. After that, sausages can already be served to the table, but usually after cooking they are still fried in a pan on both sides in vegetable oil. Frying time - 10-15 minutes.

    And some housewives fry sausages at once, without cooking. The readiness of the dish is determined by a puncture. If clear juice stands out, sausages are fried. As an experiment, put a sprig of rosemary in the pan - you will be surprised at how fragrant they turn out.

    If you bake sausages in the oven, then pour a little water on the bottom of the form and periodically pour them with oil so that they do not lose their juiciness. To cook in the oven will take about 45 minutes and a temperature of 180 ° C. When baking sausages in a foil, at the end unfold the foil so that the products acquire a delicious ruddy crust. Sausages cooked on the grill or on the fire are very tasty.

    A few secrets of delicious sausages

    After mixing the minced meat, let it stand in the cold for 5-6 hours. During this time, the meat is saturated with the aroma of spices and its taste "ripen". In many recipes in the stuffing you will see starch, milk and eggs, which make it denser and softer. For the same purpose finely crushed ice is put in minced meat.

    Do you know how to turn the gut from the wrong side out to rinse? This is easy to do with a blunt wooden stick. Gently pick up the outer edge of the shell with it and pull it onto the stick.

    The most delicious sausages are fried in beef fat, which can be bought on the market. Fat makes them incredibly tasty and juicy, while they acquire a special, incomparable aroma.

    Cured sausage

    It turns out that you can make jerky sausage with your own hands. After that, you are unlikely to buy it at the store. Homemade - tastier!

    Rinse well and dry a piece of lard weighing approximately 700 g. Rub it with salt and garlic, and then put in the cold for ten hours. Cut 1.5 kg of veal into very thin slices, put in a bowl, add 1 tbsp. l salt and sugar, black pepper and 1.5 tbsp. l vodka. Put the meat in the fridge for pickling for a day.

    Remove the lard, dry it in the open air, place it in the freezer for 20 minutes and finely chop it into cubes. Pass the veal through a meat grinder, installing a large nozzle.

    Mix the meat with bacon, add 1 tbsp. l salt, 1 tbsp. l sugar, aromatic spices to your taste and pour 50 ml of brandy. Stuff the minced meat well, fill it with guts and hang them in a draft. After 10 days, the sausages will dry and be ready for use. Beer is better not to find snacks!

    Sausages with cheese and mushrooms

    Make minced meat from beef and pork, you need about 300 g.

    Cut 50 g canned mushrooms and half the onion, then fry them in vegetable oil, and then add to the minced meat. Throw there 3 tbsp. l grated cheese and 2 cloves of finely chopped garlic. And, of course, do not forget to salt and pepper.

    Sausage casings can be found in some stores. They do not need preparatory processing - just fill them with minced meat, which can be done using a special nozzle on a meat grinder or a “sausage” syringe. This is suitable for those who do not like to mess around in the kitchen for a long time.

    If you cut the shell into small pieces, you can handle a spoon, although this is not very convenient.

    Fry sausages in a slow cooker in a baking mode for 25 minutes. Be sure to turn them over in the middle of cooking. After lightly bring in a grill pan to beautiful stripes on the sides. Serve hot with mustard sauce and vegetables.

    Sausage sweets

    If you do not have a natural or artificial shell, you can cook delicious sausages without them, using cling film, foil or baking paper. Cooking sausages is creativity, so you can experiment endlessly.

    Prepare the minced meat from 1 kg of pork, 700 g of chicken and 200 g of lard. Grind the ingredients well in a blender. Beat 3 eggs separately, salt them and add any spices, and then pour 4 tbsp. l potato starch and stir well again so that there are no lumps. Now mix the eggs with minced meat and knead well.

    Cut the foil into pieces 20x30 cm in size and put the sausage meat in the form of sausages on the mirror side of the foil, and then twist them like sweets. Connect the edges very tightly and send the sausages into the oven, preheated to 180 ° C. An hour later, delicate, juicy and aromatic sausages are ready. Before serving, you can fry them on both sides in a frying pan for a golden brown. Enjoy this great meal with your beloved family!

    Juicy grilled sausages

    Classic and very delicious home-made grilled pork sausages can be served as a beer snack or as a main course with a hearty side dish.

    Make minced meat from 600 g of pork, add pepper, salt, coriander and your favorite spices to taste, mix thoroughly and let stand. Stuff the prepared bowel with minced meat. First bake sausages in the oven at 180 ° C for 10-15 minutes, and then send to a grilled pan heated with vegetable oil and fry for 5-7 minutes on each side. Grilled vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, onions and garlic are perfect as a side dish.

    Sausage in a glass

    Surprisingly, this sausage can be cooked in 15 minutes in the microwave. It turns out to be tender and perfect for baby food.

    Cut 400 g of chicken fillet into small pieces and mix it with seasonings - 0.5 tsp. salt, 0.5 tsp sugar, 0.5 tsp hops-suneli, a pinch of black pepper, 2 cloves of chopped garlic and 1 tsp. soy sauce. Mix everything well and let the meat marinate a little. For baby sausages, the number of hot spices should be reduced or replaced with something more neutral.

    At this time, cook 50 g of long-grain rice, trying to make it well boiled.

    Put chicken, cooled rice in a blender, pour 150 ml of milk and 1 egg. Beat until tender and smooth. Lubricate the walls and bottom of the glasses with vegetable oil and put the minced meat, but not to the edges. Take containers with thick walls only! For this amount of minced meat, you will get 3-4 glasses, in which appetizing sausages “mature” in a quarter of an hour.

    Cook the snack in the microwave at full power for 15 minutes, after which do not open the door for another 5 minutes. Sausages very easily “jump out” of glasses, they just have to be cut and served. It turns out tasty and unusual, especially with mashed potatoes and vegetables. And some housewives make chicken sausages sandwiches and burgers for school snacks.

    Homemade sausage is good for breakfast, and, as a rule, it does not lie in the refrigerator. Cook it more often and with different additives!


    Rinse and chop the pork with a meat grinder, blender or food processor until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

    Add garlic, dried cream, salt, sugar to the mass. Mix everything and scroll through the minced meat again.

    Break the egg into the minced meat, add ground pepper to taste.

    Knead the resulting mass well with your hands, like dough.

    Spread parchment paper on the table and place the minced meat on it, forming a loaf. Its length should correspond to the size of your pan: the sausage should fit completely into the containers.

    Wrap the minced meat in parchment and tie it tightly with ropes. You should get something like candy. If you tie it loose, the fat will flow out and the sausage will be dry.

    Wrap the resulting “candy” in foil, holding the tails well. Make the same sausages from the remaining mincemeat.

    Pour water into a saucepan and place sausages there. The sausage should be completely in the water, so you need to put oppression on it. An ordinary plate is suitable for this role.

    Simmer for 1.5 hours. Remove the cooked sausage from the water and leave to cool to room temperature without turning.

    Put the cooled sausage in the refrigerator overnight.

    The next day, remove the parchment and foil and roll the sausage in the herbs. Choose dry, fragrant herbs such as oregano, rosemary, parsley, and dill.

    Homemade sausage is stored in parchment for 2 weeks. It can be eaten both cold and hot, previously fried.

    Meat selection

    The classic option is homemade pork sausage in the intestines. It is extremely important to choose the right meat for minced meat, since the quality of the taste of the finished dish depends on this in many respects.

    The most suitable for sausage is pork neck. It is not very oily, but at the same time there is internal fat in it, which in the finished sausage will become tasty and aromatic juice. If you want the sausage to be fatter, then lard will need to be added to the minced meat.

    Those who for some reason do not like or don’t eat pork can cook beef, lamb or poultry sausages. An option using several types of meat will be no less interesting. When choosing lamb, one should pay attention to the veins, they should be soft, then the meat itself will also be soft. But when choosing beef, you need to look at its color, the lighter the meat, the younger the animal was, which means that the sausage will be softer and juicier.

    It is best to buy meat in a market from a supplier you trust. When choosing pork, try, if possible, to taste the fat of the same carcass. If it is aromatic and tasty, then the meat will be the same.


    Before proceeding to grinding, it is important to carefully clean the meat from bones, skins, cartilage and hymen, since their presence in the finished dish is completely unacceptable. The meat for home-made sausage is cut manually, in cubes 1 × 1 centimeter in size. You can skip the minced meat through a meat grinder, but then the home-made sausage will not be so tasty and juicy. Therefore, it is better not to be too lazy and cut. The process is certainly laborious, but the sausage will come out especially tasty.


    Ground minced meat must be thoroughly kneaded by hand. This will not only help to distribute spices and salt well, but also to achieve the correct structure. The fact is that with prolonged kneading, excess air will leave and the filling will become denser.

    Если видно, что консистенция слишком плотная, можно добавить немного сливок, если фарш и без того жирноват, то используйте вместо сливок воду. Жидкий фарш, напротив, загущают, добавляя в него крахмал, муку или горчичный порошок.

    After the minced meat is mixed with spices, salt and additives and brought to the correct consistency, it must be refrigerated for several hours so that it combines better and becomes homogeneous.

    Add spices

    Most often, they add to home-made sausage:

    • black or allspice,
    • garlic,
    • rosemary,
    • nutmeg,
    • ground bay leaf,
    • caraway,
    • anise.

    A sausage will turn out more piquant if you add to it:

    • Provencal herbs,
    • ground red pepper
    • Cayenne pepper,
    • paprika.

    Spices are best used just ground, they will give the meat more flavor, in addition, you can warm them before adding to the minced meat in a pan, so that the aroma opens better. The aroma of herbs and spices will be emphasized by the small addition of alcohol, for example, good cognac to the minced meat.

    Sausage formation (with and without casing)

    Sausage can be formed both using a shell and without it. In the case of a shell, it must first be prepared. If you use natural guts, then rinse them and soak for a couple of hours in warm water, after which you need to rinse again with warm water and you can scrape a little with the back of the knife.

    It is easiest to fill the meat with a natural or artificial shell using a special nozzle in a meat grinder. To do this, you must:

    • hook one end of the shell onto the cone nozzle,
    • mince to expel air,
    • tie a knot at the second end of the sheath.

    When filling sausages, it is necessary to maintain medium density. Too tightly packed sausage may burst, and voids will form in insufficiently packed sausage.

    If there is no special attachment to the meat grinder, you can use a cropped plastic bottle, pushing the meat into the shell through the neck.

    Sausage can be made large, but can be divided into small sausages, twisting the intestine. After the intestine is full, it is not superfluous to prick it with a needle so that the voids leave, steam comes out, and the sausage does not burst.

    If there is no shell, then you can form a home-made sausage using parchment, cling film, foil, wrapping minced meat in them like candy.

    Heat treatment

    Home-made sausage can be cooked, fried, baked, stewed or combined using heat treatment methods. In any case, the main thing is to maintain the correct temperature. In order for the sausage to be juicy and aromatic, while cooking and not bursting, it is necessary to cook it at a temperature of no more than eighty degrees.

    If you decide to cook the sausage in a pan, then fry it on medium heat on the one hand until golden brown, and then on a higher heat on the other hand, until the same result is obtained. You can add your favorite herbs or spices to the pan, which will give the dish a special piquancy.

    Cooked sausage in slightly boiling water, under a lid, twenty minutes. Usually cooked sausage before frying or stewing.

    Without shell

    Homemade sausage can be prepared without a shell, and the dish will turn out to be just as tasty and beautiful. You can serve sausage on the festive table, or you can cook just for sandwiches for breakfast.

    To prepare it you will need:

    • pork - 1000 grams,
    • salt - 10 grams,
    • pepper, oregano, basil, rosemary - 10 grams each,
    • garlic - ½ head,
    • champignons - 400 grams.

    1. Pass the meat through a meat grinder.
    2. Add salt and spices, finely chopped garlic.
    3. Add the fried champignons to the minced meat, mix everything.
    4. Beat the mixture with a blender.
    5. Wrap minced meat in parchment, in the form of candy.
    6. Wrap in two layers of foil.
    7. Cook the sausage for an hour over medium heat.
    8. Send the finished sausage for a day in the refrigerator.

    As you can see, the recipe for home-made sausage without a shell is quite simple. You can cook it not only from pork, but from any other type of meat.

    Pork and beef

    Now we learn how to make homemade sausage from pork and beef. For this we need:

    • pork - 1 kilogram,
    • beef - 1 kilogram,
    • fat - 300 grams,
    • salt - 1 tablespoon,
    • nutmeg, black pepper,
    • onions –500 grams,
    • garlic - ½ head,
    • cognac - 50 milliliters,
    • water - 1 tablespoon.

    1. Skip the meat and fat into a meat grinder with a large grill.
    2. Separate and mince the minced meat into a meat grinder with a finer grill.
    3. Fry onion, chop with a blender.
    4. Fry the onion and minced meat a little.
    5. Combine all types of minced meat, add spices, cognac and water.
    6. Stir and insist 30 minutes.
    7. Stuff the guts with the finished mixture.
    8. Bake in the oven, in the sleeve at a temperature of 180 degrees, 1 hour and at a temperature of 150 degrees for another half hour.

    Juicy and fragrant sausage from cold cuts is ready!

    Chicken sausage

    For chicken sausage you need to take:

    • chicken fillet - 1 kilogram,
    • garlic - 2 cloves,
    • dill - 2 branches,
    • salt, pepper - to taste,
    • paprika - 1 tablespoon,
    • gelatin - 4 grams.

    The cooking progress is as follows.

    1. Washed and brushed fillet cut into cubes.
    2. Pour gelatin with 50 milliliters of water and leave to disperse.
    3. Chop dill and garlic.
    4. Combine meat, gelatin, dill, garlic, spices and salt.
    5. Stuff the gut with minced meat.
    6. Bake for 1 hour at a temperature of 180 degrees.
    7. Ready sausage put in the refrigerator for a day.


    To cook a home-made liver sausage with bacon, you will need:

    • liver - 1 kilogram,
    • fat - 600 grams,
    • milk - 1 cup
    • onion - 5 pieces,
    • egg - 6 pieces
    • semolina - 12 grams,
    • salt, spices,
    • butter.

    1. Finely chop half the fat.
    2. Grind the second half of fat along with the liver in a meat grinder.
    3. Fry finely chopped onions and add to the minced meat.
    4. Separately, beat eggs in a bowl and add to the minced meat.
    5. Add semolina, salt, spices, milk.
    6. Leave the minced meat for half an hour.
    7. Fill the shell with minced meat.
    8. Bake in the oven for forty minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

    To prepare a home liveri you will need:

    • boiled liver - 1 kilogram,
    • onion - 2 heads,
    • an egg - 10 pieces,
    • sour cream - 1 glass,
    • salt, spices to taste.

    We start cooking.

    1. Pass the well-boiled liver through a meat grinder along with onions.
    2. Add eggs, mix.
    3. Add sour cream, salt, spices, herbs and mix thoroughly.
    4. Stuff the guts with minced meat, form small sausages.
    5. Cook the sausage on low heat for about forty minutes.
    6. After cooking, the sausage must be baked for two hours at a temperature of 150 degrees.

    To prepare a healthy homemade sausage with buckwheat, the following components are needed:

    • pork - 0.5 kilograms,
    • fat - 300 grams,
    • a glass of buckwheat
    • salt, pepper, spices to taste,
    • garlic - ½ head,
    • guts.

    1. Boil buckwheat until cooked.
    2. Cut the meat and lard into small cubes.
    3. Chop the garlic.
    4. Combine everything, add salt, spices and mix thoroughly.
    5. Stuff with buckwheat minced intestines.
    6. Prick the sausages with a needle.
    7. Cook over medium heat for 35 minutes.
    8. Fry in a pan until a brown crust appears.

    Sausage with buckwheat is ready!

    Blood sausage

    For the preparation of a delicious homemade blackberry you will need the following ingredients:

    • pork blood - 1 liter,
    • fat with a meat layer - 200 grams,
    • buckwheat - 100 grams,
    • salt and black pepper - 10 grams each
    • garlic - 2 cloves,
    • milk - ½ cup.

    The cooking method is as follows.

    1. Cut fat into cubes of 1 centimeter and fry in a pan.
    2. Cook buckwheat until cooked.
    3. Pass blood through a meat grinder.
    4. Add milk, spices and garlic to the blood.
    5. Add fat and porridge in portions, mix thoroughly.
    6. Stuff the sausage.
    7. Cook for five minutes over low heat, then pierce with a needle.
    8. Bake for half an hour in the oven at 180 degrees, greasing.

    Cheese Recipe

    If you cook regular home-made sausage often and want to try something new, try cooking this delicacy with cheese.

    To do this, take:

    • chicken meat - 2 kilograms,
    • spices - 1 tablespoon,
    • sun-dried tomatoes - 200 grams,
    • bell pepper - 100 grams,
    • champignons - 100 grams,
    • hard cheese - 100 grams,
    • fat - 0.5 kilograms.

    1. Finely chop the chicken meat.
    2. Onion, garlic, fat pass through a meat grinder.
    3. Mix the minced meat, add salt and spices.
    4. Dice cheese, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms.
    5. Divide the minced meat into 4 servings and add your own ingredient to each.
    6. Stuff the sausages.
    7. Bake for half an hour at a temperature of 200 degrees.

    Eight types of different sausages are ready - choose your favorite.

    Useful Tips

    So, we examined the main stages of cooking homemade sausages. You can use one of our recipes, or you can include your culinary imagination and invent new, original sausages.

    The main thing to remember.

    1. Choose only quality sausage products.
    2. Before cutting, the meat should be cooled, then you can cut it easier, and the forcemeat consistency will be correct.
    3. Do not be lazy to prick ready-made sausages with a needle so that they do not burst during heat treatment.
    4. If you cooked a lot of sausages, store it in a container, fill with lard, and just serve before serving.

    Now you know how to cook homemade sausage. Choose your recipe, cook more often, pamper your family and friends with delicious food. And enjoy your meal!

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