Useful Tips

Tip 1: How to get a girl interested in conversation


Men tend to use their own efforts to seek the love of a chosen one. They are, in essence, pragmatists and realists. And even when it is unbearably painful for them to be with the one that has eclipsed the whole world, they prefer to cope with this misfortune on their own.

Ritual with a photo

It’s not difficult to get a girl’s photo. Better if it is a fresh shot. All actions are carried out on the growing moon.

For the plot you will need: a candle, a photograph of your beloved. At midnight, you should sit at a clean and empty table, set in front of you and light a candle. Pick up a photo. Bring the picture from above to the flame of the candle, face down, but it is worth watching to not inadvertently burn the photo.

Drive the photo in a circular, smooth motion over the fire, reading three times:

Then put a photograph near your bed, you can under the pillow, and go to bed.

Repeat such a ritual in a row for three evenings. Soon, the girl’s feelings will really become warmer. Photography transmits energy and also absorbs. Often black magicians, sorcerers, psychics use it. Therefore, you should handle the image carefully, gently.

Rite on flowers and threads

Make it easy, just know the exact address where the girl lives. It is desirable that the guy himself chose and picked up flowers. If it’s not the season outside, and you can’t wait for a love spell, you can buy flowers in the store. But it is better to choose simple, delicate and inexpensive flowers. The rite must be carried out before midnight. You need to prepare silk white threads in advance.

Wrap the collected flowers with a thread, as if gathering them in a bunch, saying:

The denser the winding, the stronger and stronger the love spell will be. Repeat the words until you get 12 circles of threads. After, collect all the petals from the bouquet and scatter the girls in front of the door (porch, yard). But only so that she had to step over them.

Hang the stems tied with thread in an inconspicuous place. When they dry, remove to any convenient place where no one will find and throw them away.

If everything works out right, a love spell from this day will gain strength.

Magic rituals with hair

You can bewitch a girl using her hair. How to get it, is another question, but there should be at least three hairs.

The strand of your hair must be firmly tied to the girl's hair. All energy should be aimed at the desire to connect your destiny with your beloved. Words to be spoken do not have strict rules. You can think through them in advance or just say what you most want and feel.

Wrap hair in a clean handkerchief and hide away. You can bury it somewhere in the garden.

Love spell on a pin

If a guy likes a girl from close circle - a girlfriend, colleague, a former classmate, and she does not accept signs of attention, you can use a love spell on a pin.

What is needed for this:

  • 7 new regular pins,
  • candle,
  • picture of a girl.

In the full moon, prepare all the necessary attributes, stay in a dark empty room. Light a candle. On the table put a photo of the girl and pins.

Visualize the image of the chosen one as clearly as possible. You can imagine some joint points: walks under the moonlight, gentle touch of the hands or a strong hug. You need to take the first pin, attach it to the girl’s photo and fasten it.

The following words follow:

Then use the second pin, with similar words, only changing the “first lock” to “second lock”, etc. After, put the photo with pins on the window so that moonlight falls on it.

And say the words:

In the morning, unhook the seventh (last) pin, and at the meeting toss the girl. The best option is if you manage to hide the pin in the girl's room, imperceptibly attach it to the curtain or put it under the mattress on which she sleeps.

The photo with the remaining pins must be kept in a secret place without opening the locks. Such a ritual takes effect in about one to two weeks.