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How to make money in pokemon go


Hello players and administration of the project Pixelmon.PRO.
Now I want to touch on the topic of the main currency of the project,
because without it it’s practically impossible to play.
I will try to describe all highly effective and ineffective ways,
which, I will arrange as in the tops at my discretion.

The very first way was to be a donut, but I will talk about it at the very end

First way:Lottery.
Why did I put the lottery first?
I think this is one of the most effective ways
but why ONE OF ?
There are more effective ways, but they require skills, right there
it all depends on your luck. I saw before my eyes how they won 200k by spending only 2.5k on 5 tickets.
How does the lottery work? Each player can buy 5 tickets, each ticket costs 500 pokedollarov. The more tickets you buy, the higher the chance to win.
The more tickets the players bought, the more the lottery bank becomes.
The prize is given once an hour, after which you have to buy tickets for a new one.

The second way:Voting.
You can vote directly in the game using the / vote command,
either in the p! vote discord or through the forum itself.
Money from voting is charged in a separate currency. Lux pokedollary.
You can exchange them for the currency of the servers in the Cabinet -> Exchange.
It is for the Pokedollars LC that you can put skins and raincoats.
Also in some tops for voting 30 days in a row you will be given very cool buns ^^.

The third way:Selling Pokemon.
Here you need the ability to display the top Pokemon,
because from them comes the main profit.
If you don’t know how to display tops, you can sell shaynikov and different lay.
You can also do as liquor, sell Pokemon on order,
I think this is a very profitable topic.

The fourth way:Pumping Pokemon.
Also a very profitable topic, you can start downloading Pokemon to people for money.
For this we need blissy / chandelier.
It’s not necessary to download a level. You can become an EVs kacher.
Since people who want to pump Pokemon on the server are full, business will flourish.

The fifth way:Killing / catching Pokemon.
The easiest way to farm in ghostly towers. Just kill small-level Pokemon. Sometimes the server has rates of + 30-70 pokedollarov for killing Pokemon. More recently, the money received was added from the capture of Pokemon.
If you go in search of certain Pokemon with a certain character, now it is also beneficial.

Sixth way:Donut
For many, this is not their favorite method, because not everyone can and not everyone wants to allow themselves to spend money on games.
I don’t see anything bad in the donat, because all the money goes to the development of the project. You can donate through LC.

Small ways to make money:
Play! During the game on the server you are given pokedollary.
Look for pokeluts and sell things from them!
If you have a tower, you can make it paid and sell the entrance to the players!
Bet HM Fly and HM Surf for a fee and it pays off quickly.
Make custom pokeballs.

Well, that’s all. I hope you start using these methods
If in a chat players ask “how to make money”, direct them to this guide.
Good farm to everyone: 3

How to make money in Pokémon go ─ sleight of hand and no fraud

Hundreds of YouTube reviewers, gamers and just curious people offer a ton of ways to get money on the pokemon go application, let's take a closer look at the most appropriate ones.

It’s worth mentioning right away, officially the developers do not provide for the possibility of making real money in the arcade, moreover, most of the options that will be discussed later are also suppressed. For violation of the rules, the user account is temporarily blocked or completely deleted, without the possibility of recovery.

Indirect options for making profit from the application can be divided into either fully virtual or real, designed even for business owners. Let's start with them.

The developers of the application did their best by making the game not only visually attractive and technically sound, but also developing proposals for owners of catering places or stores.

Officially, the Nintendo company offers to purchase a service, by using which, concentration or a sharp appearance of rare Pokemon near your location is provided. Thus, the influx of people who want to get new monsters will occur with enviable frequency.

The use of brand symbolism during a period of mass insanity will naturally benefit you. No one talks about direct use, but the most similar styles, colors can attract the attention of players for a while. In addition, with the popularization of social networks, successful advertising campaigns are virally spread across the network. And this is free marketing, which is good news.

One of the options is how to make money in Pokémon go, the production and sale of products or paraphernalia related to game characters. In this case, you can do it yourself or resell souvenirs, soft toys, accessories.

The next way to get money, you most likely have already seen on the network. You can go the easy way by taking an example from uber drivers who offer special rates for rides for pokemon go players.

Two final methods that require real participation seem very attractive and, judging by the statistics of American sites, are highly paid:

  • Organization of quests for locations

The first way is just starting to gain popularity. This is due to the fact that active players have already caught a large number of easily accessible characters, and the location of new ones is not yet known to everyone. Developers of applications that can crack internal maps sell scripts for small amounts that display all the Pokémon in the user's area, but capture a larger part of the territory than a regular scanner.

Such services are provided either by experienced users who know the nuances of different monsters, depending on their environment, or hackers with access to Pokemon-based maps.

The second method is interconnected with the first, but has some nuances. Not many users will agree to give their device to a stranger, even for a short period of time.

Pokemon search services are often offered by couriers who, due to their basic work, travel a lot around the city and have the opportunity to meet really rare representatives. Prices for such a service, as a rule, start at $ 10 per 2 m2.

Virtual enrichment options.

As for the virtual ways of making a profit from the game, there are much more of them than requiring your personal presence:

Creation of an interest group in any social network, the niche is already filled. See how similar communities quickly fill up with living members, but that doesn't stop you from building a community with more powerful content. Or just focus on narrow geographical boundaries, for example, a small city or area.

  • Creation of a thematic channel

The channel, like the method described above, is mega popular. Earnings come from both viewing content and naive advertising. It remains only to choose a direction: news, reviews, life hacking through, stream.

  • Selling boosted accounts

This is the easiest and most profitable option how to get money on any game. It’s difficult to upgrade an account in pokemon go, because it takes a lot of time, but people go to tricks using drones to hunt for Pokemon. A specialized device is connected in such a way that it begins to explore the territory with the help of a smartphone camera, which allows the player, while in place, to catch a large number of monsters. But to improve the heroes already caught, you still have to walk a lot, or collect the same animals, change them to “sweets” for which to accelerate the “hatching” process.

If you are an experienced player and have earned a decent amount of Pokikoins, game coins, then you can offer to purchase a module that attracts Pokemon. You get bait for your coins, players use it, and cash is transferred to you.

  • Help installing the game

Finding those who want to get the game before the official release will not be difficult, but those who give real money for it are likely to be few, but nevertheless, ads offering installation services can be found both on local and European resources.

Issue price starts from 4 $ .

I hope the material was useful, and you got new knowledge and ways to make money on the Internet. We like and subscribe to my blog. All the best -))).

How to make money selling an account

The most obvious and common way to make money on any game is to sell your account. This can be a personal agreement between people you know in real life or a deal involving a third party - a service or group on the Internet.

Before placing your own ad, you must familiarize yourself with current offers on the market. Since selling Pokemon separately in the Pokemon GO game is problematic, to describe the account, users take screenshots of the entire list by sorting the fighters by CP. So the potential buyer will see immediately whether the seller has top or rare Pokemon. Separately, it makes sense to report the presence of regional Pokemon.

Particular attention is paid, as a rule, to game statistics, described in some detail in medals: the number of unique Pokémon, the number of fighters of each element, the presence of achievements for the capture of Pikachu, Magikarp and Rattat, as well as the total distance and eggs laid.

After adding the Appraisal feature, it makes sense to report fighters with perfect IV performance. Special attention should be paid to the number of sweets of the rarest Pokémon with evolutions, including Magickarp. Obviously, an account with an almost assembled Gyarados costs an order of magnitude more expensive than where there are almost no necessary candies.

The presence of lures and happy eggs, the number of ultraboles, raspberries, and strong potions of treatment will also greatly affect the price. It is worth indicating the current number of Pikachu coins in stock, as well as whether you have improved inventories.

Please note that you will sell your entire Google account or at least an account in a trainers club. In the second case, the losses are minimal, and in the first you have to create a new account and re-link tens and hundreds of services to it. On the other hand, if you know for sure that you are swinging an account for sale, you can initially create a new account and develop it.

How to sell Pokemon in Pokemon GO, but save your account

Many are interested in the question, is it possible to sell Pokemon in the Pokemon Go application while maintaining an account? Unfortunately, before the introduction of the exchange function, this is not possible. However, there are tricky tricks that allow you to earn money through your knowledge or good luck.

First of all, you should pay attention to the possibility of swinging someone else's account for money. You will walk for a person, catch him Pokemon and capture the halls from his account. In this case, nothing prevents you from playing at the same time with your account, even if you are from different teams.

You can sell a Pokemon in Pokemon GO for money, but it will not be just an exchange of a fighter, but a message of the point of capture. If you managed to find somewhere Pikachu, this information will be of interest to so many. There are people willing to pay for the coordinates. Subsequently, they will often walk in this area and sooner or later they will also be able to find a rare Pokemon. In the same way, you can track the points of occurrence of Snorlaks, Lapras or demanded Magikarpov.

Living with another trainer in different parts of the world, you can exchange accounts and catch regional Pokemon to each other. During such manipulations, you need to be very careful not to get a ban account. Do not forget that neither the developers, nor even the administrators of sites on the Internet will return your money to you and do not guarantee that the buyer’s payment will reach you. All acts of sale are carried out at your own risk.