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How to forget the girl who hurt you


Men, like women, tend to have a hard time worrying about parting with a loved one. They are able to plunge into memories of the past for a long time and focus on their own feelings. Some commit rash acts or become depressed. To quickly survive the moment of separation, psychologists recommend various effective ways to return to a full life and build new relationships.

Men are no less than women capable of experiencing strong feelings and it is difficult to experience separation. How quickly it turns out to forget your girlfriend depends on the time spent together, how strong love is, the character of the guy and the relationship of the partner.

First you need to cool down and analyze what happened. It is worth remembering how the relationship developed, whether there were situations that were previously not given importance, and to draw the right conclusions. This will help to look deeper into the essence of the problem, abstracting from strong feelings, and then it will become clear where to move on.

A guy wants to forget a girl if she:

  • no longer loves him
  • preferred another
  • does not reciprocate,
  • passed away.

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The beloved woman, with whom she had to break up not of her own free will, must be understood and released. Very often people, meeting their next partner, believe that this is love for life. However, when they get to know each other better, they begin to notice the incompatibility of characters and life values. In this case, do not torment your partner, you need to leave, while maintaining dignity. Time will show that this was the only right decision.

Feelings will gradually disappear, and there will be an opportunity for a new relationship with a person who is a suitable couple.

A woman whom you love very much cannot be forgotten quickly. And you need to be prepared for this. A man should stock up on self-control, endurance and patience. The first two weeks after parting is the most difficult period that you just need to go through.

When a girl abandoned and left for another, a man can suffer greatly, experience an inferiority complex, anger, resentment and disappointment. Therefore, once and for all, you need to understand that there will be no more relations with her, and you need to live on. If you have to see her every day, then the task becomes more difficult. In this case, you have to make a choice - either change the job, or completely abstract from the situation and not notice the presence of a loved one.

It is necessary to overcome the grudge and pain in yourself, but in no case do not lose self-esteem and do not try to regain the relationship. A man who betrayed once will betray again. You need to quickly forgive your beloved and let go of the situation, and time will put everything in its place. To distract from heavy thoughts, you should do your favorite thing, communicate more with friends or dive headlong into work.

It happens that the chosen one does not reciprocate, and the man is very passionate and thinks about her constantly. It is worth realizing that each girl has her own tastes and preferences when choosing a partner. If she refused, this does not mean that the guy does not have positive qualities and is not worthy of her.

You need to accept her choice and switch your attention to another object. Perhaps another nice girl will be able to please the guy and later turn out to be a more suitable party than the former love.

If a loved one is not in this world, you need to try to come to terms with the fact that it will not be returned, and life, no matter how trite it may sound, continues. Once in this situation, it is important not to lock yourself in and not to seek solace in solitude. It is unlikely that a loved one who has left this world would like to see his other half doom himself to suffering.

If love was very strong and it’s not been possible to get out of a depressive state for 2 years or more, you should definitely consult a psychologist. It is good if at this moment loyal and devoted friends will surround you who will not leave the grieving person alone with their thoughts.

Men can love a woman for years, even after parting. Being completely obsessed with her image, they begin to compare all their new friends with an ex-girlfriend. As a result, they cannot build personal and family relationships and bring suffering to their soulmate. After all, women always feel when they have to share a guy’s heart with someone else.

If feelings do not fade away and memories of the past become intrusive, cardinal ways to solve the problem are needed. You may need to use the help and advice of psychologists to turn this page in your life.

In our memory there are always many memories of pleasant moments with a loved one and negative situations. Right after parting, only good memories come up, so it’s hard to be objective. To forget a girl, you need to try to follow simple rules. There are several ways to stop loving a girl. All psychologists unanimously argue that this process should be carried out in stages:

Stop thinking about her constantlyWhen a man recalls his former lover again and again, he experiences all emotions again. If you stir up a fresh wound without end, it will never heal. You need to monitor the progress of your thoughts and stop all memories of her. As soon as you manage to do this mechanically, you will have the opportunity to think about other people and current affairs. You must try to mentally switch to interesting topics, even if this is difficult. The first time to do this will be difficult, but if you apply willpower, then in the future thoughts can be controlled
Let go of the situationOften people cling to the past and simply do not see the future beyond the flood of longing. Men are owners, and even the former passions are jealous, so letting go of what belonged to them will not be easy. The best way out is to release the person and the situation with all my heart. And some time go with the flow of everyday worries and chatting with friends. Do not be imposed on the chosen one and try to return her. If this is just a crisis of relationships, it’s better to give the person time to sort out their feelings
Get rid of the remnants of the pastYou need to remove all the photos with the girl, give away or throw away the things that she gave. Remove from the field of vision everything that can remind of her, down to the smallest detail. You should get rid of self-doubt and complexes that may arise on the basis of separation. For example: “I am a loser”, “Who needs me?”, “Where can I find better than her?” This is not the only girl in the world, and the guy has the opportunity to meet his soul mate
Come to a state of equilibriumThere are various methods of meditation in order to bring the psyche into a balanced state. Various practices perfectly help to learn to control and manage your emotions. A man needs to pull himself together and break the vicious circle of memories
Analyze pastIt is necessary to analyze what happened and the reason why the breakup occurred. You can get answers with the help of a loved one or friend, having a heart-to-heart talk with him. This will help the man to get rid of the accumulated emotions and discuss the problem. He will calm down a bit and begin to reason logically. In addition, a true friend will always give practical advice.
Take a hobby or dive into workYou should do work, work that you like, sports or hobbies. Any physical activity allows you to lose adrenaline and distracts from sad memories. You can get rid of the accumulated aggression in intensive training in the gym. Creative people will be helped by drawing, writing poetry, designing
Break all contactsYou should delete the girl’s phone number from the phone book, stop correspondence on the Internet, avoid accidental contacts on the street or in the company
Find a new life partnerContinue to live on and pay attention to others. At the same time, do not look for a replacement for the former or her copy, based on the appearance and manner of behavior, but try to see personality in other women. Spend more time with your new partner. It is worth categorically avoiding comparisons and allusions to an ex-girlfriend
Wait timeNothing heals like time. The guy should be alone with his thoughts, calm down, think everything over carefully and draw conclusions, so as not to make the same mistakes in the future
Change your lifeCardinal changes in life will help to quickly cope with emotions: travel, communication with extraordinary people, changing habits and mode

To quickly erase memories, a guy should talk more with friends, but not fill up the grief with alcohol, but participate in any joint activities. The main thing is not to let yourself be sad and try not to think about the past.

It should be remembered that the faster a man goes through the stage of “breaking” a break in relations, ceases to “enjoy” his pain and pity himself, the faster positive changes begin in his life. Therefore, the best medicine for the soul is time and the ability to quickly let go of the past to make way for the present and future.

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Stop chatting

Keep your distance. Break off your relationship with your ex-girlfriend completely. The more you see her, the worse your pain will be. Make the necessary changes to your schedule so as not to see the ex-girlfriend.

  • Avoid the places your ex-girlfriend often visits. Do not visit her favorite restaurants, cafes or shops.
  • Also, do not attend events at which she may attend. Otherwise, you may be flooded with memories that can cause depression and bad mood. If both you and your ex-girlfriend received an invitation to a party, tell the organizer that you are busy. Better to skip the party than fight disappointment and pain later.

Get rid of all the things that may remind you of this girl. Remove all her things from your room. Get rid of everything that reminds you of her. The girl’s things will remind you of her and the pain she caused you, so take them all away.

Stop chatting. Prohibit yourself from talking to the girl who hurt you. Do not call her or write messages. Of course, it is likely that you will want to hear her voice, but remember that with your actions you will again open the door to pain and disappointment. The more often you communicate, the more difficult it will be for you to forget it.

Do not chat with her friends. If you have mutual friends, try to communicate with them as little as possible. Spend time with people who are not familiar with your ex-girlfriend.

  • Chat with friends with whom you spent time before you started dating this girl. They will not interfere in your relationship. In addition, they will help you recover from a breakup.

Get rid of painful feelings

Allow yourself to feel sad. If you do not forbid yourself to feel anger and disappointment, it will be easier for you to get rid of negative feelings, and you will quickly forget the girl who hurt you.

Set time limits. Decide for yourself how long you will feel sad. After a certain period, forbid yourself to be sad and try to return to life. Stick to the set time period.

Talk to your loved one. Talk with a relative or friend about your feelings. Having said what is in your heart, it will be easier for you to get rid of your pain.

Lead a social life

Go on dates. If you want to recover quickly after a breakup, find yourself a new girl. If you think you are ready for a new relationship, act!

  • During your first few dates, try not to mention the ex-girlfriend. Over time, you will be able to talk about her. However, the memories are still fresh, do not discuss your past relationships.

Lead an active social life. Even if you are not ready to build a new relationship, do not miss the opportunity to chat with friends. Stay socially active.

  • Of course, after a breakup, you may want to be alone. However, do not isolate yourself from society for long. Otherwise, you will not be able to recover quickly after a breakup.

Find new ways to stay socially active. It will be difficult for you to forget about the ex-girlfriend if you continue to do what you did with her. Find new hobbies, as well as friends who will share your interests.

  • Spend time in restaurants and cafes that you have not been to before. You can meet new people. Probably, while you were dating a girl, you did not have the opportunity to attend different institutions.
  • Choose a new activity to help you find friends. An interesting activity and new friends will help you escape from thoughts related to the past. You can break the bond that holds you with your ex-girlfriend.
Almost any guy was disappointed in love. After the girl left him, feelings of anger and jealousy are bursting. I want to take revenge on the girl who left him. How to do this?

Firstly, all the guys should be warned that revenge is the destiny of the weak, and even more so revenge on the girl. It should be remembered that a girl is a weaker sex. From early childhood, girls are taught to stand up, respect them and love. Therefore, revenge on a girl is unacceptable and is considered more than humiliation of self-esteem. But if these guy beliefs do not stop, then here are a few possible options for revenge.

The first point is complete disregard. You can not greet your ex-girlfriend, do not answer her even a friendly letter, message, phone calls. Perhaps sooner or later the girl will want to ask you something, just talk or congratulate you on the holiday. Do not answer her. It is said that ignoring is the biggest weapon. So use it for health.

Point two is jealousy. Jealousy can work wonders. Make your girlfriend jealous of you. It's just that. Begin to appear in places where she is with several friends. Randomly drop a photo with a new girl into her inbox. Kiss in front of her eyes. This will make the girl very angry, and naturally you will get revenge like that.

Point three - friends. You, for sure, will make mutual friends with your girlfriend. They will also play a significant role in your revenge. Persuade them. You can tell a little nasty things about your girlfriend. Rumors are spreading fast, and soon they will talk very badly about your girlfriend.

Point Four - Practical Jokes. If the girl’s page is on the Internet, you can appear as a new guy. Learn the secrets of her personal life, mentally speak with her, and then tell her that it was you. You can even invite her on a date, and you don’t go, or vice versa go and see how she is surprised and upset. This is a good option for revenge.

Point five - photo. Perhaps you still have her photos. Often, young people store not simple photos of girls, but very personal ones. Look for photos of a girl without makeup, combed in the morning or with a blink during shooting. If you post this on the Internet, then the girl will simply become furious and you will take revenge on her. However, do not take too much revenge. Girls are also pretty insidious, remember that.