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How to sell things online: step-by-step instructions


Trading is the most convenient and easiest way to earn money for beginning businessmen. No need to possess any complex skills or purchase expensive machine tools for production. It is enough to buy goods in bulk and sell them more expensive, earning on the difference. And most recently, business ideas related to China, where the buy-sell algorithm works best, have been of the greatest interest.

Why China

Chinese products occupy a significant share of the global market. Only in Russia the volume of goods from the Middle Kingdom reaches 80%. Many consumers have the erroneous opinion that everything Chinese is low-quality consumer goods. But this is not so. Well-known companies open their plants in China precisely because of cheap labor.

You can earn at least 50,000 a month on business ideas from China on a buy-sell basis without leaving your home. How to do it? Read in our article.

The scheme of work with the "Celestial Empire" is as follows:

  • Find cheaper products
  • Buy and deliver them to Russia
  • Sell ​​more expensive.

As you can see, the principle is simple and does not cause any difficulties.

Trading in Chinese products has several advantages:

  • Minimum investment in the business. Markup for trade in goods from China is 50-1000%! Low price is achieved due to cheap labor.
  • Huge range. Browse major Chinese internet sites (Aliexpress, Taobao). The selection of goods there is simply endless. On the pages of stores you can find anything.
  • The interest of Chinese suppliers in the sale of their goods. Huge competition forces sellers to constantly dump, work 24 hours a day and agree to the terms of the buyer. Therefore, you can order free samples for free, require a detailed description and photo, and designate the delivery conditions suitable for you.

What to sell?

We list the products from China that are most popular in Russia:

  • Toys
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Watches, bags, wallets, jewelry, umbrellas and other accessories
  • Teas
  • Covers, protective glass for phones, tablets
  • Tablets, e-books, DVRs
  • Cosmetics
  • Housewares
  • Interior Items
  • And so on.

Lucrative buy-sell business from China: how to implement the idea?

There are several schemes by which you can arrange the sale of Chinese goods:

  • Dropshipping
  • JV (joint purchases)
  • Offline store
  • Online store

Consider in detail each scheme.

Joint purchases represents a bulk purchase by several buyers of one type of goods in bulk. In this scheme, you are the organizer: find a supplier, negotiate with him, place an order, wait for delivery, pick up goods and distribute among other buyers. For this you get a reward, the amount of which is agreed upon with the participants of the joint venture in advance.

Dropshipping- This method of trading allows you to establish a business with virtually no investment. You post the supplier’s goods on your website, not having it in stock. Then the client pays it to you, and you, in turn, redeem it in a Chinese store, and specify the address of the client in the delivery.

As a result, the buyer does not even know that he is working with an intermediary, and you have a profitable business without investing anything in it.

Such a scheme also has some nuances. So, if there is a delay in the goods or the client is dissatisfied with its quality, all claims will be made to you, and you will have to solve this problem.

Online store - a more advanced option. You will need to make a bulk purchase of various goods and put them on your website. The purchase is carried out online, and you carry out the delivery yourself through a courier or by mail.

This is already quite a serious business, because it is necessary to invest in the creation and promotion of the site, fill it with goods and constantly be in touch with customers.

A more simplified version of the online sale of Chinese products is a one-page website.

Offline store - This is your own retail facility where you will sell goods from China. It can be a point in the market, an islet in a shopping center or a full-fledged store. It all depends on what you sell and how much.

Supplier Selection

To conduct a successful business with China, it is absolutely not necessary to go there on business trips and spend considerable amounts of money on tickets and accommodation. All issues are resolved through the Internet.

We list the large sites that work on this principle.

  • Aliexpress. Pros: the buyer is financially protected. Cons: prices are constantly rising.
  • Alibaba. Pros: prices are several times lower than competitors. Cons: only wholesale.
  • Taobao. Pros: a huge selection of products (approximately 750 million). Cons: the site is fully in Chinese.
  • Tmart. Pros: the ability to establish work on dropshipping. Cons: no Russian-language translation.
  • DinoDirect Pros: Russian version, the ability to pay through QiWi. Cons: overpriced.

To start working on one of the resources, simply register on it.

Buy-Sell Business Step-by-Step Instruction with China

To implement such an idea, you need to follow 10 simple steps.

  1. Decide on a business model (dropshipping, joint venture, online store, offline store).
  2. Assess your financial capabilities. If there are too few funds, stop at dropshipping. If resources allow, create an online store and conduct an effective advertising campaign.
  3. Decide what to sell. Analyze the demand for the selected products, as well as the number of competitors. It’s best to sell what is interesting to yourself.
  4. Find a supplier.
  5. Check the seller for honesty. Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers in such a business. Therefore, you need to work only with a trusted partner. Beware of newly registered companies, carefully study the company's website, check its details and contact information, look on the Internet for reviews about this supplier. If you intend to purchase a large batch, ask for a tour of the factory and make a business visit to China.
  6. Examine the terms of purchase and delivery. Feel free to put forward your conditions. If you plan to buy goods in bulk in bulk, the seller will make concessions to you.
  7. Find buyers. This can be done through landing pages, social networks, large message boards (for example,
  8. Measure profitability. Before starting such a business, it is necessary to determine how profitable it is. If, without costs or with minimal investments, the profitability is 100-300% on only one mediation, you should definitely try to implement such an idea.
  9. Buy a product and evaluate its quality. Start with a small amount. If the quality suits you, the next order will be a large batch.
  10. Start a business. To do this, you must register as an individual entrepreneur and register with the tax office.

Selling goods from China is an interesting and profitable business. Having appreciated all the nuances, choosing the right products and conducting a competent advertising campaign, you can build a successful and highly profitable business!

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Why is it worth selling things over the Internet?

Before you start thinking about how to sell things over the Internet, you should understand if there is a desire to do just that. It should be remembered that any work requires perseverance and patience. Have to communicate with a variety of people. Sometimes you have to find an approach even to not the most pleasant customers. If such difficulties do not stop a potential businessman, then in the future he will only benefit.

Firstly, over the Internet you can offer products to a wider target audience. Where can I sell things in real life? Only in the market or in the store. This means that only people passing by will see the goods. The World Wide Web provides much more opportunities. Many popular online stores were organized in the outback, and their owners began their careers while sitting at their home computers.

What are the best things to sell?

Selling clothes and shoes on the Internet today is quite in demand. This is due to the fact that online stores, as a rule, offer products at a reduced cost. But it is worth considering that men are more practical. They will not buy jeans or a shirt without trying on. It’s easier for them to overpay, but to be sure that the product is perfect. Products intended for women and children diverge much faster on the Internet.

What things to sell? First of all, pay attention to seasonality. No one will buy t-shirts and shirts in the winter, and down jackets in the summer. Before you sell things over the Internet, you should draw up a competent business plan. It is important to understand when sales will start. Based on this, it is worth purchasing goods. Summer things can be started to be sold already in mid-April, and winter - closer to October.

Practice shows that much more can be earned on clothes and shoes for children. Firstly, kids grow up quickly, and parents have to regularly update their children’s wardrobe, and this can be done more profitably through the Internet. Secondly, mothers and fathers strive to dress kids really fashionably. A seller who has everything in order with taste will be able to make good money.

Where to sell things?

There are several options for organizing online sales. Those who are just starting to run such a business should pay attention to social networks. Commercial pages here can be created absolutely free. But it is worth considering that the owners of sites such as Odnoklassniki or VKontakte do not welcome the organization of online sales with their help. Accounts are often blocked. Therefore, it is worthwhile to start several profiles at once.

Another option is electronic bulletin boards. You can also start selling here for free. It’s worth choosing resources that offer rating systems. As the indicators grow, the number of buyers will increase. In addition, on such sites, as a rule, buyers can leave feedback.

Those who have already tried their hand at online sales and realized that they can do this job perfectly should not delay the organization of their own online store. In this matter, stint is not recommended. Creation and promotion of your own website is best entrusted to a professional web studio. Costs will quickly pay off.

Photo preparation

How to sell things fast? Everything is very simple! All that needs to be done is to put the product in a favorable light. We are talking about photos that will be posted on the bulletin board or in your own online store. Of course, it is much better if the goods are shot on a professional camera. But with the help of a smartphone you can take good pictures. If it comes to clothing, then you should buy a mannequin. Even better, the product will look on a live model. You can ask someone from your friends to pose.

The background of the shooting also matters. If there is no suitable place in the room, it is better to photograph the goods on the street. Shoe models will look beautiful, for example, on green grass. The product is recommended to be removed immediately in several angles, so that the buyer can consider it from all sides. Do not forget to make captions under the photo. How to quickly sell things on the web? It is necessary to provide the potential buyer with the most complete information (available sizes, seasonality, possible defects).

Marketing and advertising

The proverb “water does not flow under a lying stone” may well be attributed to the sphere of sales. If you do not advertise a product and come up with interesting promotions to attract customers, you will not be able to earn. How to submit things? Need to declare itself! At the initial stage, you will have to spend money on advertising on social networks. All bulletin boards also offer paid promotion. Have to spend money to earn a good reputation. And in the future, "word of mouth" will work, but on condition that really high-quality goods will be offered at a reasonable price.

Various promotions will also help increase sales. For example, when buying every third item, you can offer free shipping. Or every Friday you can arrange a sale by offering items at a discount. People who buy a thing on the stock will want to cooperate with the store in the future.

How much to wind?

In this matter, it is worth choosing a middle ground. Most offline stores set the markup at 100%. That is, if a thing in the purchase costs 200 rubles, then the retail price will be 400 rubles. This is justified, as you have to pay rent. Internet prices are often much lower. Cheat usually does not rise above 60%. And some sellers set a minimum price (add no more than 20%) and thereby increase sales at times. You can earn excellent money not because of the difference between the wholesale and retail prices, but because of the sales volumes.

Things are a little different with branded things. Those who decided to occupy this segment of the market, it is undesirable to set a minimum price for the goods. Buyers will decide that they are offered a fake and will no longer want to return to the store.

What things can I sell on the Internet? Variety! There is always a buyer for each product. But the price should be appropriate. So, no one will buy a natural fur coat for 5,000 rubles or a knitted T-shirt made in China for 10,000 rubles.

Customer feedback

In order for the number of sales to increase, it is worth communicating correctly with potential buyers, answering any questions that arise. The larger the volume of products offered, the more time will have to be devoted to business. If you already have your own online store, you should create a feedback window through which the buyer can find out all the necessary information from the sales manager. The process should be automated as much as possible. It is advisable to connect SMS notifications that will notify you of new messages on the site.

Buyers need to create the most convenient conditions. It is recommended that you purchase several mobile phone numbers so that the customer can call within their own operator. In addition, it is advisable to offer several payment options for the goods. The more extensive the service, the faster the number of customers will grow.

How to make an online store?

How to sell things online? In order for the business to bring a maximum income and a minimum of problems, it is worth formalizing everything. This can be done not immediately, but a few months after the start. It is worth making sure that the business is going really well and will continue to develop. Most entrepreneurs who sell things over the Internet work on a single tax. Paperwork does not take much time. Financial costs will also be small. Along with this, fines for illegal trade will be avoided.

Once a quarter, you will have to file a tax return taking into account income. Those who do not understand the nuances, it is better to entrust this work to an accountant. Better to pay for a professional than to pay a fine again.

How to earn more?

To get even more income, you should think about opening a real store in your own city. It can be a show room in which everyone can come and see the goods offered. A potential buyer will want to come to a real store only once. In the future, he will buy things only online if the products are pleased with the quality. In addition, it is worth considering that there are still people who are not friends with computer technology and do not know how to use the capabilities of the World Wide Web.

Making money on sales over the Internet can be nice. One has only to delve into all the nuances, know how to sell things, study the market, see what products are already offered in the selected segment. To take an advantageous position, it is worth offering even more convenient conditions for a potential buyer. Well, of course, you need to love your job.