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We are preparing a party in the Hawaiian style: everything will be “ALOHA”!


The success of a Hawaiian-style party is more dependent on the appearance of the guests. Simple Aboriginal costumes can be made independently, without spending a lot of time and money. With a step-by-step instruction, even someone who has never held a needle in his hands will cope. If the owner himself intended to make accessories for all guests, this would not require strong financial costs, and when combined with ordinary beachwear, only bright floral garlands may be needed.

Strength in the details

When a Hawaiian party is scheduled, accessories are almost more important than clothing. If one of the guests comes in jeans and a T-shirt, a couple of strokes will quickly give him a festive look. The traditional details are flowers in the hair and garlands around the neck. Moreover, they are suitable for both the female image and the male one. Girls can wear them instead of a bracelet, decorate the belt of a skirt or make a headband.

If you have beautiful large shells at hand, you can quickly dye them with blue, yellow or red gouache and fix them on your hair. Instead, straw hats are sometimes worn. For street celebrations in sunny weather, sunglasses are suitable. They can also be worn indoors, but due to artificial light, their eyes will quickly get tired. You can not forget about slippers, flip flops, which are suitable even for an apartment.

Summer ... and not only summer!

The Hawaiian party defaults to sea, sun and beach. Therefore, an ideal format for holding it would be open-air near the water: the sea coast, the shore of a river or lake, a picturesque island, a platform near the pool. Any open area is quite suitable, and water can be organized in an inflatable pool, there would be a desire.

But you can not be limited to the most natural place for a holiday. A Hawaiian party can be organized, for example, in a sauna: why is it not a hot atmosphere? And what a magnificent holiday it will turn out on the deck of a ship or a yacht! Holiday a la Hawaii is a great idea for guests of various hotels.

Of course, the Hawaiian theme is basically a summer prerogative. But who can stop you from letting in some sun and hot energy during a winter cold or slush in the autumn? Of course, open areas will no longer be suitable for such a holiday, but any room can be decorated accordingly. But how nice it will be to plunge into the summer for at least a few hours!

In a word, there are few reasons and possibilities of accommodation that would not allow you to organize a great Hawaiian party!

Welcome to Hawaii!

Your friends should look forward to the holiday you are preparing for them, from the very moment they find out about it. How will it be? Do you notify them personally, by phone, send an e-mail, viber or SMS? Or maybe they will pick up an unusual invitation card, which is not so difficult to make?

It’s up to you, and we will suggest ideas for an invitation card:

  • listing of the finished version from the Internet,
  • invitation in any form associated with Hawaii: pineapple, coconut, orchid, surfboard, Hawaiian shirt, fluffy hula skirt made of straws, ukulele, shell or even beach slippers,
  • “Ticket” for a plane departing for Hawaii, or a form of a tourist permit,
  • invitation in a bottle sealed with wax
  • application of straw, shells, colored sand and images of any of the listed accessories.

In the invitation text, be sure to specify the “Hawaiian” dress code and use the traditional word “Aloha”, which means not just a greeting, but also a wish for good, peace and joy, as well as “I love you”. The literal translation of the word from the Hawaiian dialect is “breath of life”.

Welcome to the islands!

To transform the space in accordance with the atmosphere of these fabulous islands, try to be inspired by watching films praising Hawaii, because you can draw a lot of interesting finds!

For your inspiration, the most "Hawaiian" cinema samples:

  • "Hawaii 5-0",
  • Blue Hawaii
  • "Perfect Escape"
  • "In flight"
  • “50 first kisses,
  • cartoon "Lilo and Stitch".

Before you begin preparation, you must first analyze what particular features of the venue will be important to us. Consider the main options: ideas can be combined!

Outdoor preparation

In the open-air format, it is important to consider the following points:

  • venue for competitions and dances,
  • the opportunity for guests to relax in between food and entertainment,
  • table placement with refreshments,
  • lighting in the evening,
  • accessories for open air.

The simplest solution to many of these issues would be to rent a tent. Under the canopy, you can place not only tables, but also lay down rugs and scatter pillows for relaxation. In the midday heat, the tent will not allow guests to overheat. Well, the modern choice allows you to choose any form of the tent, its size and color, however, the traditional white will be the perfect backdrop for any decor.

You can opt for not a tent, but beach umbrellas and tables under them.

Palm trees give the Hawaiian atmosphere to the landscape. If you do not have living plants in tubs, it does not matter - you can order impressive designs from balloons.

If space and materials allow, you can build an interesting Hawaiian-style composition from tied logs, bamboo sticks (you can buy them at hardware stores), cobblestones. Against its background, wonderful photo frames will be obtained as a keepsake!

If you put large letters “Havaiі” or “Aloha” out of shells, stones, branches and other natural materials, this will complement the atmosphere as much as possible and create another interesting photo zone. Place large cardboard or plastic letters on the site or simply write them directly on the sand: let them rub off under the soles of the dancers, recalling that you need to cherish moments of joy!

Sunset will not signal the end of the holiday: on the islands, night is as beautiful as day. Make sure that guests can see in the darkness. You can, of course, provide lanterns and portable searchlights, but it will be much more effective, and most importantly, more “Hawaiian” to kindle a pre-prepared fire, from which torches will light up (they must be prepared in advance).

For torches, you can prepare stationary stands.

Holiday Room Design in Hawaiian Style

Indoors, you can also create a completely Hawaiian atmosphere. More colors, lively and artificial! Decorate the room with greenery (even if it will be grandmother's ficus and asparagus). Branches of any plants - willow, fern, acacia, as well as any spectacular leaves and stems - chestnut, corn, sunflower, are suitable.

You can use decorative ribbons in the form of deciduous garlands, sold in needlework stores.

Decorate windows and doorways with traditional Hawaiian lei wreaths. Of course, you can’t find so many fresh flowers like in Hawaii, and even in the cold season. No problem: it is quite possible to make lei yourself from corrugated colored paper or bright napkins.

You will need them oh how much, because lei are needed not only for decoration. According to the traditions of the Hawaiian holidays, every guest receives necklace-lei on his neck, regardless of gender.

  • On the walls you can hang posters with views of Hawaii, maps of the islands ..
  • Decorate tulle curtains with flowers.
  • Do not spare balloons and various garlands.
  • Fishing nets, ropes, rope weave decorated with flowers, butterflies and fish will look good - this, by the way, is a good background for a photo!
  • If you find traditional wooden masks, you can also hang them, like mock ukuleles - tiny Hawaiian guitars. An ordinary guitar will go into action.
  • Along the walls you can place surfboards, drums, wooden figurines.
  • Sun loungers, canvas folding chairs or wicker furniture will be appropriate.

The space under the ceiling will be decorated with colorful balls. As decorative additions, beach umbrellas and summer hats can be placed.

Look at some photos of the decoration of the premises for a Hawaiian party, including with a pool. They will help you determine the elements of your decoration for the holiday.

Fruits should also take their place in a festive atmosphere. Not all of them must be edible. If you stock up with enough dummies, you can create a colorful composition from them or string them on a jute rope in the form of garlands. Bunches of bananas look especially impressive in combination with large green leaves imitating banana. Arrange vases with various fruit sets here and there.

A beautiful and simple accessory that will decorate any interior - a glass, pot-bellied bottle, vase or glass container filled with water, in which large flowers and candles float: at dusk they can be lit. At the bottom of such containers it will be appropriate to place shells and shells.

Another beautiful and simple option is jars with colorful sand in a variety of variations. For such decorations, you can buy kinetic colored sand, and at the end of the holiday give it to little guests. An alternative would be a motley mixture of ordinary salt and broken children's colorful crayons.

Hawaiian feast

Any holiday on the islands is not only fun, but also a treat: the Hawaiian word "Luau" - a festive party - literally means "feast". Therefore, you can not ignore the preparation of the festive table. On the other hand, you have to dance a lot, so the dishes should not be too heavy, hearty and plentiful.

However, traditional Hawaiian cuisine makes it easy to solve this problem.

Hawaiian table decor

In order to give your feast a completely Hawaiian look, you need to give a little unusual atmosphere to the table itself. It can be of any shape, it is perfectly acceptable to use both large and many small tables. Plastic tables or small coffee wicker tables with snacks will not get out of the general line of the party.

A popular table decor for a Hawaiian party is a "skirt" in the style of a traditional hula. You can sew straw on the tablecloth or come up with a long lush fringe from other materials. If the “table in skirt” is not to your liking, throw a fishing net on it or just use a bright colorful tablecloth.

Choose a bright, colorful dish. In the open air, it is perfectly acceptable to use cardboard - no one will have to wash. And you can refine yourself and serve, for example, meat or sandwiches on banana leaves, and instead of vases, put the fruits in wide-brimmed hats! Glasses and appliances should also be decorated with Hawaiian accessories.

In the center of the table you can put wooden figurines, a composition of fresh flowers and fruits or candles and water, a mini-waterfall.

If you decide to confine yourself to a buffet or a light buffet, then you can build the so-called "Tiki bar".

Decorate the chairs with lei of flowers.

Help yourself! Hawaiian Party Menu

Dishes should be light, not burdensome for the stomach, while with a bright taste. A good choice for the menu would be:

  • chicken made with soy sauce, pineapple, oranges, etc.,
  • chops, which in restaurants are called "Hawaiian meat": on a steak a piece of pineapple under melted cheese,
  • fish baked in the oven (if you have a holiday in the open air, you can warm it up right on the fire),
  • seafood (shrimp, mussels, oysters) in salads, cocktails and just in kind,
  • vegetable and fruit salads,
  • cold cuts and snacks
  • assorted skewers
  • sandwiches, tartlets.

Fresh fruits will be the best desserts, you can also serve jelly, mousses and ice cream without fail! Refuse to bake, well, except that crispy cookies in the shape of shells. Do not put cream cakes on the table - this dessert does not harmonize with the atmosphere of summer.

Drinks should be plentiful and provide guests with a wide selection. The main highlight will be cocktails, even if they are varied: non-alcoholic and heady, relaxing or tonic, “long” or “shot-drinks”, but certainly bright and festive.

To do this, decorate the glasses with slices of lemons, oranges, strawberries and kiwi, use straws, umbrellas. Do not forget about ice reserves! Recipes of the most famous cocktails are abundant on the Internet, but you can show your imagination, mix an invented cocktail and call it by your own name.

Hawaiian motifs - choose music

To create a playlist for your party, think about why you need music:

  • to create an atmosphere
  • dancing
  • musical accompaniment of competitions.

For the first goal, traditional Hawaiian melodies, which are rich in albums of many bands and artists, are indispensable. Pay attention to melodies and solos on ukulele (traditional ukulele).

You can use such compositions:

  • VA "Blue Hawaii",
  • Chris Isaak "Sweet Leilani",
  • Perry Como "Hawaiian Wedding Song",
  • Elvis Presley "Hawaiian Sunset",
  • Ella Fitzgerald "Hawaiian War Chant",
  • Hawaiian song "Aloha oe",
  • All Star Hawaiian Band "Sophisticated Hula",
  • Big Ben Hawaiian Band "On the Beach at Waikiki",
  • Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (ukulele),
  • Leonid Nagaev (ukulele, harmonica).

Hawaiian music, despite its harmony, does not have to be an exceptional accompaniment to your holiday. For such topics any compositions that inspire thoughts about summer, the beach, sea vacations will do.

Choose what you like best without worrying too much about the authenticity of the music:

  • any Latin American rhythms
  • compositions of Shakira, Beyonce, Ricky Martin,
  • 2Hat "Summer and Heat",
  • Potap and Nastya "Summer",
  • All Inclusive Group Tanned Summer,
  • Chi-Li "Summer",
  • Texas "Summer Son",
  • Malika “Song of Summer”, “Heat”,
  • Any collection from the Beach Hits series.

It can be adapted for both an adult party and a children's party.

For fans of the era of nascent capitalism, we have prepared two scenarios. The first is a Chicago-style celebration. The second is a party for the Golden Society based on the film and the book The Great Gatsby.

What to wear at the party, how to transform?

Costume preparation is an important part of any theme party. When preparing to try on a new image for yourself, you are already looking forward to a special mood, reincarnation, magic. And in the case of the Hawaiian holiday, choosing an image and creating a costume will be quite simple, while it will undoubtedly be bright and spectacular: such a peculiarity of the Hawaiian style!

The very first thing that comes to mind and is needed by both men and women is the Hawaiian wreaths, they are also beads, which are called "lei". They are garlands of tropical flowers about 50-60 cm long, worn around the neck of each guest. You can buy ready-made lei in online stores: there is a fairly wide selection of garlands of different colors. However, they are not difficult to make by ourselves.

Take a look at the video on how to create a leia yourself.

Just note that in our conditions, the most convenient for creating such a leia will be carnation flowers, separated from the stem.

"Beautiful islet"

The central element of the outfit will be a swimsuit. Better, of course, bikinis: after all, Hawaiians are not shy of their golden flexible bodies. Choose the brightest of your summer swimwear. And now let's give it an “island” look.

A lea worn around the neck already additionally decorates your “top”, but you can add interesting details:

  • large artificial flowers sewn onto the bra cups, fluffy bright pompons,
  • the bodice is decorated with green leaves
  • swimsuit straps decorated with fluttering silk scarves,
  • the coconut bodice, traditional for Hawaii, you’re unlikely to wear, it’s too inconvenient to fix it, and it rubs it. But his imitation of coconut halves attached to the bodice can look very impressive.

If you don’t want too frank top, it is permissible to put on a short top or tie a bright shirt of turquoise, yellow, orange, red colors under your chest.

For an example of making a costume for a girl at a Hawaiian party, see the video.

“Bottom” means the traditional “hula” skirt, which emphasizes the slender legs and Hawaiian woman’s swaying hip dance. The material for such a skirt can be varied, and it is very simple to make: you only need a dense elastic band or twine to fit your waist and a little patience to attach the strips. Disguise the gum and the nodules on it with a floral belt. The length of the skirt can vary from mid-thighs to the floor.

Choose what your “hula” will be from:

  • lush green leaves or their analogues from fabric,
  • multi-colored ribbons
  • strips of polyethylene,
  • corrugated paper
  • jute twine or other rope (you can see how to make such a skirt in the video)

  • strips of bright fabric,
  • Christmas tree rain
  • Knitting thread,
  • raffia is a thin straw (it will have to be fastened by folding in half and fixing with a “moving” loop. You can see the detailed process for making a skirt from raffia below).

    "Girl of the summer"

    Modern Aboriginal women of Hawaii, like their European sisters, do not always give preference to national dress. Many of them prefer bright, airy and light summer clothes that are not constraining their movements, decorated with various accessories.

    Choose your favorite summer dress or sundress made of silk, chintz or other natural fabric. It is better if the outfit is not just bright shades, but with a floral print or ornament, but monophonic, but not dim colors, will do!

    "From what is at hand"

    If you don’t think of anything or if you don’t have time at all, feel free to put on any summer clothes for such a party: shorts, a skirt, even jeans with a bright T-shirt will do, wrap a pair of pareos. Accessories will save any look: at such a holiday they are even more important than the clothes themselves.

    Accessories. The outfit needs to be complemented and decorated. Bright unique elements will add zest to your Hawaiian look. So, we already mentioned lei (wreaths of flowers). And what else?

    You can additionally wear:

    • floral bracelets made of natural or artificial flowers on the wrists and / or ankles,
    • long beads made of several strands of faux pearls or shells,
    • a wreath of greenery on his head,
    • belt decorated with flowers, shells, straws.

    Hairstyle. There is nothing easier - loose your hair with a lush mane. To create a Hawaiian look, pick them up on one side of the temple with a large hairpin in the form of a lush flower or a marine theme. On the head there may also be a wreath or rim, also decorated with flowers and leaves.

    Footwear. Comfortable and summer! Sandals, flip flops, slippers, "soap dishes" will do. You can additionally decorate them with flower pompons, shells. Take care of a vibrant pedicure.

    Makeup. Absolutely not needed if you are going to have fun on the beach, except perhaps a sunscreen and maybe a little golden powder. For the indoor option, in order not to look pale in the photo, paint the lips with lipstick of juicy, fruity shades, tint lush cilia, slightly “darken” the face and décolleté area (tanning is also appropriate). Complete the look with a drop of light and fresh floral perfume.

    But if you decide to create a real image of a girl-islanders, then watch the video. The girl, accompanied by pleasant Hawaiian music, demonstrates how to make Hawaiian makeup and a suitable hairstyle.

    The video is in English, but the procedure is understandable.

    Variant of the image "Native"

    If you want to feel like a real Hawaiian, then ... look at your girlfriend. Hawaiian guys dress almost the same as girls, except for the top from a swimsuit. The courageous naked torso attracts the attention of the fair sex, and Leia will give it additional charm.

    But the hula skirt for guys and girls in Hawaii is almost the same! If you are not afraid of such a daring outfit, feel free to put on a blasphemy of any length acceptable for you from any material - from raffia to strips of fabric ... You can decorate your legs just below the knees with “mini-skirts”.

    REMEMBER! For an “island” costume, you need to take care of the appropriate state of the body. No unshaven armpits and excessively hairy breasts. I have to borrow a tan from a friend. White loose body, beer tummy will also look ridiculous. But if you are a young Apollo, feel free to dare and conquer the hot beauties.

    Variant of the male image “White guest of the island”

    If everything is in order with your shoulders, but the “hula” is confusing, you can wear any summer bottom, left with a bare torso. In most cases, on real Hawaiian festivals, guests go that way!

    Shorts can be of any cut and color, except, perhaps, sports (of those that fit). Cropped jeans will do.

    Pants can be cotton, canvas, jeans. Only strict dress cut is inappropriate.

    Do not want to strip the top, or maybe the evening promises coolness? Well, the Hawaiian shirt is a fashion trend in any season! Do not “bother” too much about the style, the main thing is the bright floral color.

    What's on your head? Nothing is needed for the native version, except perhaps a wreath of leaves. But the white guest of Hawaii may be unusual under the southern sun with his head uncovered. Sun protection is especially important if you prefer to walk shaved bald: the sun's rays are dangerous for the head, not protected by hair.

    You can wear:

    • wide-brimmed straw hat
    • white "plantation" panama,
    • tie your head with a bright bandana.

    Footwear. Any beach shoes, the easiest option - slippers or flip flops. This is if you do not want or the site does not allow you to walk barefoot. Just remember, please, that flip flops should not be worn on socks! Of course, it would be nice to do a pedicure, but it is enough if your nails are clean and not broken off. Feet, okay, you can not shave!

    Accessories. Like a Hawaiian girl, a handsome islander can adorn his wrists and ankles with grass or flower bracelets. If flowers are not to your liking, they can be replaced with leather straps, interwoven twine, stringed shells.

    In the “plantation" version, a large cigar will look impressive, but walking with it in your teeth is not so convenient: save this accessory for a photo shoot.

    And, of course, sunglasses.

    A few more win-win costumes for both sexes

    Alternative costumes include imagination and creativity. If you decide to dwell on this, then remember that the party involves active movement (participation in contests and dances). Your outfit should not fetter you and interfere with some of your details.

    Come up with an image associated with summer, sea, beach:

    • mermaid,
    • sea ​​deity
    • jellyfish,
    • fish or fisherman
    • octopus,
    • sailor,
    • a character from the cartoon Lilo & Stitch, SpongeBob, etc.

    No matter how you are dressed, the most important thing that will make a Hawaiian party successful is your radiant mood!

    Examples of clothing

    Very easy to prepare a Hawaiian party. Costumes, photo examples and pictures from the Internet can serve as inspiration. If you do not want to worry much about the appearance, then just dress like people go to the beach. A garland over a shirt, T-shirt, swimsuit or even a naked torso will turn any outfit into a festive one.

    1. Girls can come in a swimsuit and a beach skirt, complementing the image with bright accessories.
    2. A simple variegated sundress, complemented by all the same decorations, will suit well.
    3. Flowers look beautiful on the head (even if they are homemade or artificial). They can be in the form of a wreath. Suitable and live, and artificial, and paper. You can buy ready-made headbands in the store of jewelry and hair clips.
    4. Traditionally put on skirts that seem to be made of grass or straw. If there is no way to make something like this, a simple beach pareo is also suitable.

    Men can do with bright summer shorts and a naked torso - this is the most common option at such parties.

    If it is not hot in the room or on the street, you should wear a bright shirt. Many have colorful clothes that they buy for relaxing at sea. A hat and a wreath complement the look.

    How to make clothes and accessories at home

    The costume can be built at the last moment from improvised materials, but it is better to take care in advance. You should start with a garland around the neck: if there is no way to buy artificial flowers, then it is made of corrugated paper:

    1. From a dense picture, make a template to use it later as a stencil.
    2. Fold the corrugated paper in several layers, transfer the stencil to the top and cut several shapes at once.
    3. Make a hole in the middle of each workpiece and string them on a tape or thin rope.

    For decoration on the head, the cut forms are strung on a ribbon to create the illusion of volume. A small circle is glued in the middle. Such an ornament can be fixed on the hair with the help of invisibility.

    Using the same technology, you can make a wreath on your head or a bracelet on your hand. And if there are artificial flowers, then for the neck wreath, you need to cut off the legs and put a needle on the thread. To make a wreath on the head, the stems are intertwined among themselves, as for an ordinary wreath of living plants.

    The material for the manufacture of a traditional skirt is suitable for almost any:

    • trash bags in blue or green,
    • corrugated paper
    • thin rope
    • cotton threads for knitting,
    • a piece of bright fabric (old T-shirt, skirt, tablecloth, etc.).

    As a belt, you need to take a wide ribbon to which thin strips of cut material should be sewn. It is not necessary to use the needle: improvised “blades of grass” are simply enough to attach to the belt. Since the skirt shines through, it is worn over a swimsuit or shorts.

    And the last, most important element of the costume is a good mood. Bright outfits, fruit menu and cheerful music, complemented by smiling faces of guests, will make the party unforgettable!

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