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To get a prestigious job, you usually need to get an interview. Employers get acquainted with applicants for the position and choose the ones they like most. How to make the event a success?

Of course, work experience and education are very important. However, opinion polls prove that many employers primarily pay attention to the appearance of the applicant. Therefore, it is so important to know how to properly dress for an interview.

Men decide on the choice of clothing is quite simple. In a stylish suit, they look elegant and presentable. Representatives of the fair sex will have to rack their brains to decide what to wear for an interview in order to impress.

Style and restraint in choosing a costume

Any woman strives to look attractive and sexy. And some women are even hoping to draw the attention of employers to their impeccable figure and thereby get the desired position. It should be understood that such behavior is often repulsive.

Do not focus on your sexuality. It is much more important to demonstrate efficiency and composure. The presence of these qualities is evidenced by stylish and restrained clothing. It will not be superfluous to pay attention to the dress code of the company offering the desired position, and dress in a similar vein. In general, it is better to prefer a business style in clothes.

It is not recommended to purchase a haute couture outfit for a fabulous amount. But a simple cheap dress or pantsuit, dusting in a closet for a long time and out of fashion will have to be put aside. It is better to put something modest on the interview, but at the same time, emphasizing the style.

Skirt or trousers?

How to dress a woman for an interview? What to prefer - strict trousers or a feminine skirt? In this matter, ladies can rely on their own preferences. It is very important to feel confident and comfortable.

Those who choose trousers should pay attention to their length. They should not be too short or long. A skirt or dress suggests the presence of tights. Even in hot weather, etiquette rules require a flesh-colored stocking. Showing naked legs is unacceptable.

A win-win option might be a business suit. The jacket is useful in cool weather. You do not have to pick up an additional jacket. And in winter, you can wear a plain turtleneck under it.

A skirt or dress is better to choose a straight cut. However, clothing should not tightly fit the hips and bulge on the buttocks. The ideal option is a pencil skirt or sheath dress. And of course, special attention should be paid to the length of the skirt. The famous trendsetter Frenchwoman Coco Chanel claimed that the skirt, even when sitting, should half cover the knee. It is this length that is considered the most acceptable for a business style.

Choosing a suit color for an interview

After the question of what to go for an interview is resolved, it is necessary to determine the color scheme of the suit. Some even turn to Feng Shui experts for advice on this matter. However, do not go to extremes. It is better to listen to the advice of stylists and psychologists.

Too bright shades should be avoided even for applicants for creative positions. However, it is not necessary to put on a strict black suit. Efficiency and professionalism are quite emphasized in blue, green, gray, cherry and brown colors. In the warm season, pastel shades are also allowed. And in winter, a trouser suit made of dark fabric will be refreshed by a plain, fresh blouse.

When choosing clothes, applicants will not be amiss to take into account their color type. Blondes with blue eyes, for example, will suit blue shades, but dark-skinned girls are advised to refuse such colors.

How not to fail the interview

In order not to face the dirt when applying for a job, you need to consider a few simple recommendations. They will tell you how not to dress for an interview.

To make a good impression on employers, you should know the most common mistakes that applicants make when choosing clothes:

  • Untidy look. Even a properly selected wardrobe will not help if you do not take care of its cleanliness. Before the interview, you should carefully iron and carefully inspect the clothing to make sure that there are no spools and stains on it.
  • Excessive sexuality. Do not put on a miniskirt or blouse with a deep neckline. It does not just look defiant, but inappropriate and even stupid.
  • Clothing is out of shape. Choosing what to wear for an interview, you should evaluate yourself soberly and give preference to outfits that hide flaws. For lush young ladies, for example, it is better to refuse trousers and purchase a straight-cut skirt for an interview.
  • Inconsistent or too bright colors. When choosing clothes, it is important to remember that colors should be combined with each other. A fuchsia jacket, for example, will look ridiculous with brown trousers.
  • Fanciful accessories. The interview does not belong to a number of those events at which it is worthwhile to show your originality. The image of a business lady will be adorned with minimalist jewelry, a comfortable bag and impeccable shoes.

What factors should be considered before an interview?

Dress code policies may vary across companies. And, before deciding what to go for an interview in the summer in the heat, it is worth sorting out this issue.

If you are going to an interview in a large corporation with established traditions, dress as conservatively as possible - here is the most stringent dress code.

Business firms or organizations that provide various types of services to the population, allow some relaxation in clothing.

If your work is connected with creativity and design, here, on the contrary, a pronounced individual style is welcome.

Regardless of the position you are applying for, clothes should be clean and tidy. Clean and smooth the clothes before the interview, make sure that there are all buttons on it, there are no stains, open stitches and wrinkles. Wash your shoes and gloss them with shoe polish.

In addition to the papers required at the interview, take an antiperspirant, moisturizers and paper towels, and a bottle of water. A neutral bag or classic briefcase complements the professional look.

Come to the interview place in advance. If you don’t have your own car, it might be better to call a taxi so you don’t have to stand in the sun while waiting for the bus. If the distance is more than a couple of blocks, it is better to take a taxi too.

If you put on a jacket, remove it before you reach the place of the interview - this will help to avoid overheating. Fold the jacket carefully so as not to wrinkle during the trip, or hang it on a hanger.

Although it is better to protect your head from sunlight, do not wear a hat before an interview, as it may wrinkle your hair and cause sweating of the scalp.

If you wear sunglasses, do not leave them raised on your head, put them in a bag. Remove the headphones and put the phone to silent mode. Make sure you are not chewing gum.

How to dress in the heat?

What to wear for an interview in the summer? The question is rather complicated. As a clothing for an interview, it is recommended to choose a suit made of cotton in light shades of blue or gray. Refrain from the black color of clothing, which in summer looks out of place.

Do not use linen, they tend to form wrinkled folds, which is bad for your appearance.

Choose a shirt that will complement the suit, a white shirt is always appropriate. We also recommend that you put on classic summer shoes for an interview that matches the costume and a minimum of jewelry.

The interview office is likely to have air conditioning. Therefore, a jacket is quite useful, even if the weather is hot. If you suffer from excessive sweating, use disposable axillary inserts that can be attached to your shirt to protect your clothes from sweat, odor and stains.

A short haircut refresh a few days before the interview. On long hair, cut off the split ends to look neat, and remove the hair from the face and neck, collecting them in a simple hairstyle.

In the heat, when you start sweating, the smell of perfume intensifies. Do not overdo it with perfumes, sometimes they can cause allergies in those who talk with you. A couple of drops on the wrists and earlobes will suffice for women, for men it is enough to refresh the face with cologne after shaving.

What should i avoid?

Regardless of the type of job you are applying for, some things should not be worn for an interview.

What to go for an interview in the summer is definitely not worth it:

  • a low-cut top or a short blouse, from under which a stomach is visible,
  • sandals and sneakers,
  • T-shirt, T-shirt, sundress,
  • jeans and shorts
  • too tight pants, as well as pants with a low waistline,
  • miniskirts and leggings,
  • too elegant evening dress,
  • transparent or mesh clothing, clothes of bright colors or with a colorful pattern.

In order not to create the impression of a frivolous person at the interview, you must adhere to certain rules in your appearance.

  • underwear should not be visible from under the clothes,
  • it’s better to cover the tattoos with clothes, and remove the piercing, since the internal policy of many companies limits their use,
  • do not allow excessive perfumes,
  • discard massive jewelry. A huge color necklace, pendant earrings and a bracelet with ringing elements will distract attention from you and your face.

Clothing depending on the gender and age of the applicant

As a clothing for an interview for women, a trouser or skirt suit is suitable. Wear a thin, light shirt under the jacket. Make sure that the shirt cut sufficiently covers the neckline.

If the shoulders are covered with a jacket, instead of a shirt, you can wear a silk or viscose top. Wear a mid-knee skirt. For a skirt suit you need thin tights in a natural color.

You may not want to wear pantyhose on a hot day, but this look will be unprofessional, especially during an interview in a corporate environment.

Women can wear a strict dress for an interview instead of a suit. Sleeveless dress is allowed if you plan to wear a jacket over it. Choose a dress of neutral color no longer than the knee.

Shoes usually involve closed toe shoes., it is better if it will be leather shoes with low heels. If you feel more stable on a flat sole, wear flat shoes, but they should be in good condition. Even if the dress code of the company allows you to wear sandals in the hot season, this does not mean that you need to come for an interview in beach shales.

A decorative scarf is best forgotten at home. At other times of the year, it will undoubtedly come in handy, but in the summer during an interview an additional layer in the outfit will be unnecessary. Makeup should be invisible and light. A manicure is optional, but make sure the nails look neat. If the nails are varnished, it should be a neutral color, avoid varnish bright shades and patterns on the nails.

For men, an interview is required for a business suit made of lightweight fabric with loose trousers in tone with a jacket. A plain or striped shirt with long sleeves is a classic option for an interview.

Wear a silk tie to suit your suit. In case the dress code allows you to abandon the tie, the shirt is still required, just unfasten the top button. For an interview, it is better to wear black or brown closed shoes.

Face must be freshly shaved. If you have a beard or mustache, trim them. In case of long hair, collect it in a low tail.

How to dress for an interview in the summer photo:

Applicants of different ages

An attempt to find the calling outfit for an interview may be characteristic of young people who want to look more mature and serious. Another mistake is beachwear or sportswear. Can I go for an interview in shorts? The answer is categorically no!

It happens that young candidates seek to express their individuality with flashy hair color. Such mistakes will make a possible leader think about the infantilism and frivolity of the applicant.

Even stranger such liberties will look for middle-aged candidates. The older and more experienced a person, the more conservative and restrained behavior is expected from him. In this case, clothing for an interview for work in the summer should be thought out even more carefully: what young people will forgive is unlikely to be left unattended by age applicants.

Nevertheless, candidates over 45 years old should look energetic and youthful so that the employer does not have doubts about your ability to effectively perform job duties.

On the labor market, even the way you look is important, which is why the question of what to wear for an interview remains relevant. Bet on conservative classics and a minimum of clothing accessories. If you are not sure how to dress for an interview, call the reception and clarify this point or go to the company’s office and see for yourself. Remember that there is only one chance to make a first impression.

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