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Reggie - the strange dance of sunny Jamaica


“How to Dance Reggae” is an amazing online learning experience with which everyone can gradually master each movement in stages. A professional dancer in this lesson will demonstrate a movement called ticking. This is a peculiar and rather interesting dance composition, which is performed by the hips in a circular motion. Repeat this movement is not difficult for beginners. Regular training will certainly bring excellent results.

Online training called "How to Dance Reggae" can always be viewed for free on our online portal at any time favorable for training. Enjoy it!

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Reggie - dance of energetic people

Reggae is characterized by surprising ease. Ease of dance allows you to dance it as young people and older people. The heart of reggae is its rhythm, which gives the movements meaningful dynamics. The costumes worn by dancers are distinguished by the diversity of colors. The more diverse the dancer’s clothes, the more suitable they are for the dance floor.

The dance is now appreciated by millions of fans. For a successful dance, you must have a good physical shape. In order to dance a full-fledged dance, forces will be required no less than for a sports competition. Without exception, all dancers have a slender, toned body, and as a result, a great mood. So, if you decide, it's time to start!

Learning to dance reggae on your own

Before the dance starts, stand upright, all parts of the body should be relaxed. Will become a good help in the dance and your smile. Continuing to stand, we begin to swing the case evenly back and forth. The position of the hands is slightly bent.

To control the correctness of movements, you can use a mirror. Continuing to move, raise our hands, bending them a little at the elbows. At the end of the movement of the hands, their wrists should be slightly above the shoulders. Repeat the movement several times. We repeatedly raise and lower our arms so that they cover your head.

All dance movements must coincide with the musical rhythm, and do not forget to smile!
We extend any hand in full length and turn a little forward. The next movement is performed similarly, but with the other hand. We also do it with the head, taking it in turn, then in one direction or the other. Shake your head from left to right. With a hand held at chest level, take one step forward. Gently raise the hand, and also gently lower it down. Next, repeat too, but with the other hand. The swinging amplitude can be gradually increased, so the movements will look much brighter. Any improvisation is welcome.

If you manage to master all the tricks of the dance, try to arrange a themed reggae party. Do not forget to warn all invitees about the need for a bright suit and an extraordinary hairstyle.

A bit of history

Reggaeton is a musical genre, not a dance movement. Jamaican workers brought it to Panama in the 70s of the 20th century. At the same time, Jamaican songs began to be translated into Spanish. After some time, the first Hispanic rapper released discs in which he mixed reggae with hip-hop.

To date, reggaeton has become a national treasure of Puerto Rico, recently it was even used for the election campaign. In recent years, it has spread widely even in America.

Today the dance managed to change a lot of names, and visited both phreaking and grinding, even perreo. This has become his most common name.

Perreo is a dance in which two dance, imitating sexual rubbing against each other, with the girl with her back to her partner. Apparently the dance reminded Puerto Ricans of dogs (perro - a dog) so that they named it after him. Such licentiousness in Puerto Rico is only welcome, although in Europe this dance met with fierce censure. It was believed that this dance was vulgar, wild and humiliating, but soon reggae music sounded from everywhere.

How to dance it

How to reproduce the movements is up to the dancing reggae themselves. Fuzzy movements resembling frictions, close contact of bodies - all this reminds of intimacy with a hint of dance. Or dance with a hint of intimacy. It was for this appearance that reggae dance in Europe was received with hostility. After all, it is young people who are particularly susceptible to evil influence, dancing reggae. But if you take a closer look, you can see that the touches never end, the bodies do not cling, and it is this understatement that creates the effect of a dirty dance that can be achieved only by lengthy training, but not improvisation.

Be that as it may, perreo is just one of all kinds of dance options to the music of reggae. Yes, music implies the expression of sexual energy that overwhelms you, but you need to dance as the rhythm tells you.

Listening to reggae

More than two hundred artists work in this direction, but DJs select and put only what they like and because it seems that the music is monotonous. Do not believe the first impression.

It is worth evaluating reggae in its development in order to understand how diverse it can be. Start with ShabbaRanks "DemBow." This is practically the ancestor of reggae music, more modern songs are frantic Spanish recitative and one-word swotting, as in the song Daddy Yankee – Gasolina. There are more melodic variations with soul elements: Don Omar - Senor De La Noche, En su Nota. There are some tardies, so to speak about reggae: Alexis y Fido - Tu No Sabes. Reggae is often mixed with other dance and music styles, such as AndyMontanez-Se Le Ve, which is a combination of salsa and reggae.