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12 things fast food workers won't tell you


Politeness is always pleasant. A smile sets up a dialogue, and we already accept the manager’s offer to “take potatoes” more favorably.

And vice versa: indifference and even ignoring causes us one desire - to quickly move away from the cash register (and it is advisable not to return to it more).

The dissatisfied client does not want to wait for the administrator, only to hear "we will solve your problem." He wants a result - here and now.

Justification is annoying; promises do not inspire confidence. I am a client - show me in fact that my opinion is important to you. And then I will come to you again.

Work through all the objections. “Pebble” in a burger - apologize for a free drink. Nahamil manager - offer a discount coupon. A cockroach ran out of the kitchen (forgive me, God) - shoot a video about calling the pest control and post it on your social networks.

Do everything you can, but do not ignore the problem.

Some repeat order is annoying. And to everyone else - it helps not to confuse anything and remember about the forgotten.

People are afraid of mistakes

I would rather “listen” to my order than then approach the checkout again.

Always list the contents of the order. So the client will be calmer, and you can offer something that will complement him (suddenly he still agrees to the potatoes).

1. All dishes have the same taste.

Have you noticed that different fast food dishes have almost the same taste? And all because they know that people like food with different tastes: salty, sweet, spicy. Fast food is calibrated to meet all of these needs at once.

3. They are designed to be quickly eaten.

Another trick that makes us eat more in fast food restaurants: the food served there does not need to be chewed for a long time. According to research, fat people make an average of 12 chewing movements before swallowing food, while thin people make about 15. The less we chew our food, the less we get saturated and, as a result, eat more.

4. The colors around you evoke appetite

Red and yellow are most often used in the field of fast food for a reason. They combine perfectly and cause a subconscious desire to stop and eat. Some even call this fact "the theory of ketchup and mustard," the colors of which push us subconsciously to spontaneous or excessive meals.

5. The main goal is to sell you more

Scientists have found that it’s much more difficult to refuse something when you are offered it directly. 85% of people order more than they wanted, when restaurant staff offer to take something else to order. In restaurants, staff never use the “no” particle when communicating at the checkout, so the most common wording used there is: “Try it?”, “Will you?” Or “Take it?”.

6. Medium cola is a big cola

An easy way to improve sales of drinks is to increase the volume of each serving and expand their entire line by adding “super large” and “extra large” servings. People subconsciously stop the choice on the average of the proposed, but thanks to this trick the average is large.

Besides if you do not specify the portion size, the cashier will by default break through more expensive items, such as large potatoes and large coffee.

7. Meat from the fire is an illusion

The grill marks on meatballs make burgers undoubtedly even more attractive. But they have nothing to do with the real grill: they are created at the factory before freezing. Well, the added smoke flavors perfectly complete the illusion of meat directly from the fire.

8. Salads are not so harmless

In recent years, salads as a healthy food option have appeared on the menus of many fast-food restaurants. But because of their composition, they are the same or even more high-calorie than standard dishes. In addition, lettuce is sometimes treated with propylene glycol (food supplement E1520) to prevent them from withering. This supplement is recognized as safe, but we are no longer talking about the 100% naturalness of such products. Moreover, if the authenticity of meat and vegetables as a whole is beyond doubt, then the composition of sauces can only be guessed at - most employees do not know about it.

Supply and packaging

Do not be lazy, order branded packaging bags and napkins. You can go even further and order yourself a batch of branded sticks: sugar, salt and pepper. This is not only beautiful, but also works as an additional advertising institution and, most importantly, takeaway food services. When your client dines at his office, in the park or at the food court, everyone who sees him will know where he bought this food. Even if the logo or name will not be familiar to them, then later, passing by the signs of your institution, they will remember that they are selling takeaway food.

Most often, potential take-away food buyers worry about the safety and packaging of complex dishes. If the packaging of pizza and burgers does not raise questions, then poached egg can already be a problem. The appearance of the dish is of great importance when serving in a restaurant or cafe.

It is worth approaching the question of packing food with yourself as responsibly as it should look no worse than in your institution. Therefore, it is better to exclude those positions that cannot be packaged and transferred without loss of appearance or, even worse, taste and necessary temperature. Leave them as an exclusive, which can only be tried at the establishment. This will also make the position unique. For some dishes of your menu, you can order special packaging and disposable devices so that their transportation does not violate the cook's idea.

Also, changing packaging for the holidays works great to increase sales. For example, how to increase revenue in a restaurant on February 14th.

Booking and order preparation

A great solution to increase loyalty of regular customers, especially if you have a menu business lunches. Pre-order is very popular among people who want to come to dinner at their favorite place near work. They do not want to wait until they receive an order and prepare food. All they need is a quick and tasty meal, saving you a precious break.

After a preliminary call or an online order, the guest indicates the approximate time of arrival, so that his meal does not cool down on the dispensing window, but is fresh and warm. Guests can take part of the order with them, so if you have a takeaway food service at your place, this will significantly increase your daily income on weekdays. Here, not only the client wins, but also you. The kitchen works efficiently, evenly distributing the load depending on the number of pre-orders.

For a convenient and quick order online, you can make a separate shop window website or use ready-made services that can be customized to your needs. For example, the Poster Shop is a full-fledged online store integrated into the Poster automation system. The Internet order goes to the waiter’s terminal, and then goes straight to the kitchen - what could be faster and more convenient?

Takeaway Food Price

No catering establishment, with the exception of canteens, can ever compete with the price of a culinary department in a supermarket. But do not rush to reduce the price, because working at a loss is wrong.

Yes, as a result, the client receives food similar to that which he can order at the table, and it costs more than in the store. But selling off takes away the client’s atmosphere of the establishment, a certain level of service and brings it closer to the usual exchange of services, which, in the view of your client, should cost a little less. At least he should have the feeling that buying food took away, although a little, but more profitable.

How to Drive Takeaway Orders

Special offers and discounts on ordering food takeaways - the easiest and most effective solution. The discount when buying food with you, promotions "2 + 1", etc. Give the customer the opportunity to order cheaper, and he will order more. But do not lower prices to the level of the same department of cooking in the supermarket. Your visitor should have a feeling that he is ordering food in a cafe, and not semi-finished foods preheated in the microwave. Your task is to keep the feeling that he bought this dish a little cheaper than it is on the menu.

A separate place for issuing

Allocate a separate area for issuing orders with you for quick customer service. This is a fairly simple and inexpensive solution. Customers will not feel uncomfortable waiting for an order at the bar. You artificially create a simpler and more familiar atmosphere by transferring the delivery of restaurant dishes on Wednesday, close to the storefront - “bought and gone.” You can also put chairs separately from the main hall for a comfortable waiting order.

Promote Takeaway Food Service

The main drawback of the owners of the institution, as we said above, is that people do not know that it is possible to take food with them. At least you need to write this on the menu, next to the sign at the entrance and on the bar. Focus your guests on this service, give them the opportunity to see packaged dishes - show them how it might look. Do not forget about social networks, be sure to add this service to the description of the group and periodically remind you of it in posts with beautiful photos of branded food packaging and satisfied customers.

And finally: if you see that your takeaway food service is popular, try integrating with a third-party delivery service. True, it should be understood that the responsibility for the reputation of the institution is partially transferred to third parties. In addition, the number of orders can suddenly increase — will your kitchen cope then? Before starting delivery, first make sure that you can ensure the same quality of food with large volumes. If you already think about the organization of delivery, we recommend that you read our article - "How to organize the delivery of food from a cafe and restaurant."