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How to help lose weight to her husband


A man in the fight against obesity needs understanding, help and support

The problem of overweight is mainly worried by women. But men suffer from this no less. However, most representatives of a strong half of humanity have a certain psychological barrier that prevents them from seeking help. A close woman, a spouse, will help them to step over it. After all, fighting an ailment is twice as easy if the husband and wife become like-minded people. How the woman can help her man get rid of extra pounds and thereby improve his health, increase his self-esteem and add several years to his life, was told to journalists by the head of the psychotherapy department of the weight loss center Dr. Bormental, an expert of the program “I I’m losing weight ”on the NTV channel Anna Chaykina.

- Anna, how to determine that the weight for a particular man becomes critical and it is vital for him to begin to reduce it?

- In dietetics, there is a clear indicator, but not by weight, but by the volume of the abdomen. If a man has a belly volume at the navel level of more than 92-94 centimeters, then he is at risk for diseases associated with overweight and obesity. If the volume of the abdomen is more than 102 centimeters, this can already indicate the presence of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, heart attacks, strokes, impotence, which is huge and male, and what can I say - a female problem. By the way, men are always encouraged to fight extra pounds by a drop in testosterone and libido, and this inevitably occurs when a large amount of adipose tissue forms. But according to the ratio of weight to height, it is not always possible to say whether a man needs to lose weight. It is important to determine what percentage of adipose tissue in a particular man. Sometimes it happens that outwardly a man looks quite presentable, but the percentage of adipose tissue has long exceeded the norm.

- Why is it so often: people marry thin and slender, and after a few years of family life suddenly round up? In general, who is biologically more inclined to be overweight - women or men?

- Of course, women. Men have a different hormonal background, they have higher metabolic processes, that is, they themselves are less prone to fullness by nature. But it often happens that in a young family improper eating behavior is established, habits are radically changed. For example, before lovers walked a lot, rode bicycles, and now because of the busy work schedule they meet only in the evenings, and, in fact, the only thing that unites them is the table. As a result, both the husband and the wife gain weight.

- And stress can be one of the reasons for weight gain?

- Of course. Family life is always an increasing tension. After all, responsibility appears in marriage, periodically conflicts arise, children appear, you need to maintain relationships with your wife’s close ones, and so on. Often stress is relieved, for example, with alcohol or fatty and sweet foods. I ate deliciously - and as it became easier. Therefore, all family feasts, on the one hand, discharge the atmosphere, and on the other, contribute to weight gain. Or, for example, a wife thinks she should take special care of her husband. But as? Tasty and satisfying to feed him! And he begins to literally feed a man. He, of course, is pleased. But the weight is growing!

- At what age do excess weight gain usually occur?

- It used to be that women were 40–45 years old, men were 45–47 years old. And now, due to the fact that all over the world the food has become fatter, refined, it has a lot of sugars, the peaks of obesity have moved down. For women, they now fall to 35–40 years, for men, for 40–45 years. But in any case, after 40 years, everyone needs to be more attentive to their weight.

- What happens to the body when a man gains 10-15 kilograms of excess weight?

- Men are prone to weight gain in the abdomen - the type of “apple”. If the abdomen increases, then an additional load on the internal organs and on the cardiovascular system. In this case, not only metabolic processes are disrupted, but the vascular walls also suffer. Therefore, even with a small weight gain, a man may encounter pressure surges, that is, arterial hypertension occurs. There may be problems with the kidneys, heart. If before a man ran, jumped, easily climbed to his floor, now now at the slightest load there is shortness of breath.

- And what happens to an intimate life?

- 10 extra pounds will not create any serious problems with potency, there will not be a serious drop in the main male hormone - testosterone. But in the future, when obesity reaches the 2nd and 3rd degree, excess weight will certainly affect the intimate sphere.

- How can a woman delicately hint to a man that it is time for him to start losing weight?

- It is important to make it clear that what worries primarily is not the new look of your loved one, but his health. Men have less life expectancy than women. And in the first place among the causes of mortality - just the consequences of weight gain, obesity. Therefore, here you need to clearly convey your feelings to your beloved: "Darling, I accept you as anyone, but I worry about your health." And it happens like this: a wife begins to take care of herself, changes nutrition in the family - and her husband, without even noticing, drops a certain number of kilograms.

- That is, the wife no longer bakes pies and cakes - and both begin to lose weight?

- Yes, and also she does not pass vegetables for borscht in fat; there is no mayonnaise or beer in the refrigerator. These little things change the usual calorie content, and the couple lose up to seven to ten kilograms. That is, a woman begins to delve into a healthy diet - and the whole family switches to a healthy diet.

- What responsibilities should a woman assume if her husband decides to lose weight?

- Usually a husband, coming from a nutritionist, gives his wife a list of allowed foods. She prepares food, arranges portions in containers, and her husband honestly eats only what is allowed to him. That is, a nutritionist is dealing with a wife whom she may never have seen. We even joke: we tell the patient that in order not to get fat again, he needs to hold on to this woman all his life. But it happens that a losing weight man, having prepared for himself a couple of diet dishes, suddenly discovers a culinary talent. And even begins to cook for the whole family!

- This, perhaps, deserves special praise?

- In general, perhaps the main task of a woman is to praise her man! One of the most important factors after a diet is social support. But it happens that women, on the contrary, provoke their men: “And let's have a normal dinner on Friday, drink a glass of wine” ... Such breakdowns can seriously hinder a man. There are also curious situations. For example, the wife conscientiously considered the calorie content of her husband’s food, but she added an extra portion of oil to the finished dishes, since in reality she was jealous of him and did not want him to become slim.

- And what if the husband himself violates the plan for weight loss? To scold?

- We must remember that being overweight is a disease. And it is customary for a sick person to substitute a shoulder for support, rather than scold him ... Sometimes relatives do not understand how hard it is for those who are losing weight - especially with obesity of the 2nd and 3rd degree. These people may experience an irresistible craving for food. They get up at night and scour the food, which is forbidden for them — some favorite cookies, rolls ... During this period, you do not need to bring cakes, rolls, fatty meat and fish, lard, sushi to the house. For some reason, everyone believes that sushi is low-calorie, but this is not so. It is not necessary to “tease” loved ones with this food; it is already difficult for them. People with obesity are often often accused of not having willpower, and that they suffer from craving for food, little is written about this. Overcoming this craving, men become irritable. But the wife should remember that this is not forever, that this is a temporary phenomenon, that soon her husband will become a completely different person - more healthy, slim and calm.

- What are the basic principles for those who decide to lose weight on their own?

- If your man decided to lose weight, you should be prepared for the fact that he will eat more often - from five times a day or more. A thinning man can eat even at night, if he is awake, working at that time. The second principle: you need to provide him with a balanced meal. In men, compared with losing weight women, the diet may have more meat, fish, seafood, egg white, cottage cheese. A man should not “lose” his muscular frame, but protein is needed to maintain it. Without “long carbohydrates” - and this is almost all cereal side dishes - you can lose muscle mass and get an irresistible craving for sweets: the body will begin to demand it. This often happens: a man "sat" on squirrels with vegetables, never liked sweets - and suddenly begins to absorb sweets, like a sentimental woman! This suggests that he had a "carbohydrate thirst."

- How much is necessary for men in the process of losing weight sports?

- Here is an interesting point. We do not recommend women with heavy weight to engage in increased physical activity, sometimes this is strictly contraindicated for them. And for men it is very useful. Of course, with obesity, you don’t need to run and jump, as this will create a large load on the spine and joints, but, for example, walking - both Scandinavian and simple - is very useful. Men often start with a walk, and then gradually move on to exercise machines. They, unlike women, have a chance to lose weight through exercise, exercise.

- Anna, another question: if you can do without family holiday lunches and dinnersImpossible, how can a feast that is plentiful, but not harmful to weight and health, look like?

- You can arrange feasts - and keep a figure, and even continue to lose weight! On the table should be low-fat varieties of meat and fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits. Now they are on sale all year round. You need to get rid of fatty sauces, such as mayonnaise and the like. But the main thing is not to confuse holidays and weekdays, not to arrange feasts every day for various reasons.

- And can there be wine, champagne, other light alcoholic drinks on such a table?

- If the diet is designed for several months, then in the first month, when new eating habits are formed, it is better to refrain from alcohol. Alcohol, even light, can reduce the rate of weight loss, and also stimulates appetite. But in the second, third and subsequent months, dry wine in reasonable quantities is allowed. A glass of wine, of course, can decorate a romantic dinner for the spouses!

How to help lose weight beloved husband

If the fair sex tends to keep fit, periodically try popular and fashionable diets, run in the morning, do exercises, then with men it is much more difficult. And although overweight in men is a common problem, it is almost impossible to put a man on a diet. It seems as if the man is not at all preoccupied with the appearance and he does not seem to care how he looks. But a swollen belly and a flabby look is not the worst. It is much worse when an overweight man provokes serious illness.

Hypertension or high blood sugar, or low testosterone, or off-scale "bad" cholesterol, or pain in the knee joints, a decrease in prothrombinase, and an increase in AST can be detected only at the doctor’s appointment during a physical examination or during tests. But is it worth it to drag out the situation until the moment when it is not diet that can help, but only lifelong administration of drugs that are difficult for the body to take hormones and drugs with a bunch of side effects ?! Probably not worth it.

There are many tips on how to help her husband lose weight, but their essence boils down to one thing: you can’t impose weight loss on your husband, feed the tops and insist that he is fat. This may have a logical conclusion: a man will go where he will be deliciously fed, say how wonderful he is, and for his weight loss they will choose a more subtle strategy.

How to lose weight husband: the main "not"

Nutrition experts have been sounding the alarm for a long time: overweight men become the cause of diabetes, high cholesterol, joint diseases and many, many health problems that interfere with a full life and lead to premature death. To help her husband lose weight, you need, firstly, to take into account his psychotype, and secondly, to remember several important “you can’t”:

  • tell the man openly that he urgently needs to go on a diet (the man perceives the word “diet” only as sending him hungry and raw to the churchyard),
  • immediately feed an annual supply of fruits and vegetables,
  • tell the spouse in detail about all the diets of Nikolai Baskov and aloud compare him with thinner stars,
  • turn into a strict controller and impose strict prohibitions (a forbidden piece of sausage or store dumplings is a double temptation),
  • Immediately put a husband on a rigid express diet (a weekly buckwheat diet for weight loss, on which more than one female generation successfully loses weight, will cause shock and plunge any man into depression),
  • to force the husband to often weigh himself (this should be done no more than once a week in the morning on an empty stomach).

Voluntarily go on a diet on baby purees with strict restrictions on volume, not a single man will agree to refuse kebabs in favor of cabbage leaves, and only cunning, patience, gentleness and perseverance of the woman he loves can help here.

How to discreetly lose weight husband: special women's secrets

The main thing in a difficult event is to lose weight for your husband: to set up both yourself and your spouse for a long process of smooth weight loss. Do not force things and wait for quick results. After all, losing weight requires changes not only in nutrition, but also in lifestyle, and this is a very serious task. A spouse whose second half is overweight should remember the basic female "diet" tricks, how to help her husband lose weight imperceptibly. They are as follows:

  • a man should eat often and quite a lot,
  • the calorie content of dishes can be reduced by replacing products,
  • the usefulness of dishes can be increased by healthy cooking methods,
  • habitual “sandwich” snacks to replace with healthy ones,
  • if the spouse likes to dine in the dining room at work, you will have to agree that he limit the lunch to the first hot dish without sour cream and salad, or the second dish without gravy,
  • for office tea parties, buy dried fruits, marshmallows or marshmallows,
  • not to tease the husband if he decided to voluntarily refuse something (if the spouse stopped eating sweets, chips, sausages, you should not demonstratively eat these products with him and keep them in sight).

It turns out a sort of grazing diet for weight loss in the "male" way. The most difficult thing in the problem of male weight loss is to solve the problem with semi-finished products. If the spouse is not at all ready to refuse store dumplings, pasties, semi-finished cutlets and other semi-prepared dishes, then it is worthwhile, firstly, to replace them with homemade ones, and secondly, to agree with her husband about their limited use (for example, on one weekend ) If a man cannot imagine life without sausages, sausages, sausages, then these semi-finished products will easily replace boiled beef, chicken, boiled tongue, baked lean meat in the oven, cut into thin slices.

Another problem for many women may be the husband's dislike of vegetables and fruits. It’s pointless to start talking about losing weight without including plant products in the diet. Vegetables make any weight loss effective due to its low calorie content and the presence of a large amount of dietary fiber, which provides a feeling of satiety for a long time. There are several effective recommendations on how to love vegetables and, perhaps, some of them will force a man to reconsider his attitude to the gifts of nature.

How to reduce the calorie content of dishes unnoticed

In recipes of those dishes where fatty pork is used, it can be replaced with turkey or chicken. And in general, try to cook poultry and fish as often as possible. It is not worth thinking about the fact that the husband is capricious or will cause a scandal over monotony. In the end, even Napoleon, who could not stand the chicken meat, surrendered to his cook, exchanging anger for mercy, and the guillotine for permission to cook chicken almost every day. By the way, nutritionists have nothing against mutton. Only preference should be given to lean pieces without fat.

Trying to comply with the basic principles of a healthy diet in losing weight of a husband, it will not be superfluous to reconsider the methods of cooking products. Instead of frying, it is better and more useful to use roasting in foil, in clay pots, grill, boil, and simmer. It is worth mastering the cooking in a double boiler. Cutlets from poultry, fish or veal meat will be juicy and tasty if you add grated zucchini or cabbage to the minced meat. Dairy and sour milk products for sauces, soups, main dishes are best to buy low calorie. To taste, they are practically no different, and they will help to reduce the total daily calorie content. Curd and cheese are also worth buying low-calorie.

How to help lose weight to her husband by changing food traditions

Если супруг привык обильно и плотно ужинать, стоит пересмотреть традицию подачи блюд на стол. Не нужно пытаться перещеголять скатерть-самобранку, выставляя на стол все, что удалось приготовить. Так вряд ли получится удержать уставшего и голодного после рабочего дня мужа от обжорства.

First, put on the table a couple of low-calorie vegetable salads seasoned with natural bio-yogurt or unrefined oil. With the serving of a hot dish, you can try to tighten a little. While the spouse will wait for the main course, you see, he will bring down a feeling of acute hunger with vegetables and eat not so much.

Of great importance in how to help lose weight to her husband, are the volumes of food. No need to try to demonstrate your love to feed your husband from huge plates. Gigantomania in weight loss is inappropriate and only leads to stretching of the walls of the stomach. Therefore, the volume of the plates should be medium. This will create the illusion of a man that he ate the usual portion. Five spoons will help to adjust the amount of food eaten.

And, of course, to make the spouse’s weight loss process more effective, you need to increase their use of healthy and low-calorie fruits and berries. They must always be on the table or in the refrigerator. Their presence will reduce the risk that after dinner, the husband will climb into the refrigerator for a sandwich or for “something tasty” and very high-calorie tea.