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Tip 1: How to Hug a Guy


Each young girl is faced with the question of the appropriateness of the manifestation of signs of attention and affection for her boyfriend. After all, the patriarchal foundations of the country and society dictate behavior in which a woman should not be the first to show favor. And besides, it is alarming that suddenly she will do something wrong, which will entail the discontent of the chosen one. He may not like either her behavior or the caresses with which she wants to give her lover.

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There are different types of kisses, and each of them has a certain meaning. For example, a short and quick kiss on the lips can happen already on the first date. It means that the man is interested in continuing the relationship, but does not want to rush and is set for a long and serious romance. Sometimes such a kiss can be interpreted as an expression of gratitude for a wonderful evening.

Check the soil, act slowly

How to hug a guy? First, it’s worth thinking and deciding for yourself this: is the chosen one really so close as to express his feelings for him openly. After all, if the relationship has not yet given reason to think that their degree is deep, then the guy can be wary and even look away with such a clear manifestation of intimate and passionate feelings.

How to hug a guy for the first time? We must not forget that all close relationships begin with the intersection of views. It is in them that you can catch the nuances by which it will become clear how close the guy and girl are.

Romance kiss

A long romantic kiss is good for both young lovers and couples who have been together for many years. A romantic kiss on a first date can be interpreted as showing interest in a partner, and for couples whose relationship has been going on for many years, as an expression of love and affection.

The so-called French kiss is a manifestation of passion and a willingness to move on to a closer relationship. But a kiss on the cheek is rather friendly. If we are talking about a couple in love, then a kiss on the cheek can be both a simple manifestation of politeness in the absence of serious intentions, and a manifestation of timidity and uncertainty in the response feeling.

A kiss in the eye is sometimes called an angel kiss. It shows the deep emotional connection of lovers, their tenderness and affection for each other. With this kiss you can wish good morning or good night. A kiss on the nose, like a kiss on the eyes, can be used by long-established couples. It lifts the mood and helps to realize the sincerity of the feelings of a loved one.

A kiss on the forehead, as a rule, expresses only friendly feelings. If it happens at the very beginning of the relationship, then most likely you should not count on their continuation. Unfortunately, he shows only coldness and indifference. This kiss has a completely different meaning for established couples. Here he can serve as a manifestation of attention and care.

Convenient moments

But still embarking on a hug is not yet worth it. It’s better not to dwell on how to hug a guy, but to wait a bit and take advantage of the most appropriate moment. Using his positive reaction to touch, you can continue these actions, thereby forcing the guy himself to go on decisive actions. Clinging close to him, you can hint that it has become cold or scary. This will make the young man take care and hug.

You can also go to watch the match and, taking advantage of the moment of general excitement and the manifestation of all emotions in public, hug the guy as if in solidarity with his joy.

Kiss of passion

A kiss in the ear, on the contrary, is quite intimate and can be perceived as a recognition in an ardent passion. Even more intimate is a kiss on the neck. It can be used only by couples whose spiritual and physical closeness has passed the test of time. This kiss can mean the comfort of the relationship and a deep confidence that they will last a long time, and possibly all of their future life.

Of course, this is by no means all kinds of kisses. And, of course, the presented meanings of each of them are not the ultimate truth. However, certain conclusions based on them can still be drawn.

How to hug a guy: strong and passionate or easy and timid?

Hugs can be fleeting or long. The longer they last, the closer the relationship between people becomes. If the girl hugs the guy for the first time, you should not tighten your arms. It is better if this happens as if by accident, easily and modestly. If, embracing a guy, the girl wants to demonstrate to her her intention to move to a more intimate relationship, then here you can act more confidently and persistently. But still give the right to decide and superiority in this matter to the beloved. He must feel like a master of the situation. He makes a decision, even dictated to him by a girl. A guy hugs his beloved if he is ready to continue the relationship and move them to a closer level.

It is possible that a meeting with old friends will lead to the fact that the former guy suddenly hugged. Here the decision will belong to the girl. If she does not want a resumption of relations, then it is worth immediately ambiguously stopping his attempts.

How to save a marriage on the verge of divorce

If you want to maintain a relationship with your soulmate, first stop blaming her for all mortal sins. Both spouses are to blame for any family difficulties. Misfortune most often comes from within a person. In order to find family well-being and happiness, try to fill it yourself. Know how to deal with negative emotions, protect yourself from sadness. Smile more often and learn to enjoy the simple little things that surround you. You should notice everything that can cause your joy. Look into the eyes of any fear and try to cope with all the difficulties. Remember that in this life there is a person near you who can come to your aid at any moment, you just have to ask him about it.

Identify the problem with your relationship. Maybe you began to spend little time alone with your spouse or spouse, do not notice changes in his mood, have ceased to pay due attention to him. It is very important for people that someone cares for them. Just start to become more interested in the affairs of your soulmate, ask about how her day went, if you can help her with something. Even if your help turns out to be useless, a person will definitely appreciate your participation and care.

Believe in your future together, make plans and strive to achieve your goals. Remember that you can survive any difficulties if you go through life hand in hand. Share your feelings with a person who is married to you. Over the years you have been together, you must have become relatives to each other, so he must understand what exactly bothers you. If your partner really loves you, he will certainly help you build your relationship.

Nice little things that can save a marriage

If you figured out the problems that spoil your relationship, it's time to eliminate them, as well as restore peace and love in the family. Start with the smallest details. Arrange a romantic dinner for your soulmate, take her for a walk in the park or any institution that you visited when you were happy. Give small gifts, arrange surprises, do not skimp on compliments. Laugh together more often and look at any problems with the certainty that they are only temporary.

Try to talk more, not only to listen, but also to hear your spouse. Any misunderstandings and secrets can lead to the collapse of your family relationships.

Contrary to popular belief, guys really like to cuddle. The key is doing it right. Here's how to cuddle with a guy and make him love him.

I was a strong supporter of the fact that the guys hated hugging. There was so much evidence that these rude and tough guys just didn't like to cuddle under the covers, even if it was with a girl.

After I went through my first guys, this belief completely disappeared. I really found out that the guys really like hugging. They love so many different things, and we girls are certainly not the only ones who love the feeling of being wrapped in the wrong hands.

The Benefits of Hugging

In fact, there are many physical and psychological benefits that arise when dealing with someone you care about. Your heart rate and blood pressure are reduced, it helps you get in touch with your partner by releasing oxytocin “hugging”, and also helps to better communicate between you and your other. Talk about the reasons to convince your person to snuggle up to you at night! [Read: How to increase intimacy in your relationship]

How to cuddle with a guy

Many guys are too passionate about their pride and the idea that they should be "courageous", that they are afraid to show their soft sides. Therefore, trying to hug a guy with a mindset like this can be a little harder.

Fortunately for you, we have a solution to this problem. We revealed what it takes to get a guy to snuggle up to you and enjoy him. Here is your complete guide on how to cuddle with a guy.

# 1 Never call it a hug. Or cuddle, for that matter. The second, about which you begin to talk about hugging or communicating with him, is the very moment when he is a little scared. Some guys are not against the word “hugging”, but others are very nervous when listening to it.

I propose to completely leave these words when I talk about how to snuggle up to a guy. Instead, you can ask him to come to rest with you, sit with you, or really something else that hints at sitting close to each other.

# 2 Never push on it. Putting pressure on the guy cuddling with you is a big mistake for many reasons. By clicking on him, you basically force him to do what he does not want. Even if he manages to cuddle, if you push on him, he will not be in it, just because he was imposed on him.

You have to let the guy hug you on your terms. Therefore, never be angry if he does not want him to be pleasant and affectionate. Just be patient. [Read: 14 characters, you do not understand your first date]

# 3 Start by positioning yourself next to it. The first step on how to cuddle with a guy is to be a little sneaky in your approach. Start by sitting next to him. This does not raise any suspicions, and if you feel good about your chances of cuddling with him, then you may even be able to get a little closer.

I suggest waiting for a while when he really relaxes and can be a little distracted from a movie or even video games. This is a great time to slowly sit down, as if you are just relaxing next to him.

# 4 Slowly approach him. To get close enough so that he can reach you, you must shoot closer to him. You should be close enough to have your hips brush against each other when you are sitting next to him.

You have to do it slowly, so he does not notice that you are so close. You can do this by wincing a little and pretending to be trying to achieve more comfort. This will drop you right next to him, without attracting suspicion.

# 5 Find a reason to start contact. It is much easier when you have something to talk about. Engaging in a conversation that is easy and fun, and also gives you a reason to give him a small bump in the shoulder to nudge him a little.

Another way to make contact is if you two are watching a scary movie and something is scary that makes you grab his hand. Take a look around and find out how you can use your environment to start any kind of communication. [Read: Video Date Guide for Creating Sexual Chemistry in the Shortest Time]

# 6 Make him want to keep you close. My favorite allusion to the guy who is hugging me is to say something about how cold I am. When you are hinting at a guy that you are cold, it usually encourages him to put his arm around you or give you a jacket or t-shirt.

There are many different ways you can do this. In general, you just need to use your environment and be creative. Sometimes this can be the hardest part of hugging a guy, but if you make him want to hold you back, he will probably do it for a long time.

# 7 Leaning on his arms. As soon as you finally hug him, bend over to him and relax in this position. Make sure your body language lets him know that everything is in order, that he is holding you so tightly. You want to look happy and comfortable. Otherwise, he would have thought that his arms did not want. So lean toward him and even lay his head on his chest or shoulder. [Read: How to hug a man in 7 simple steps]

# 8 Rate his reaction. If a guy comes up to you and pulls you into a hug, you should monitor his reaction. Some guys will be pleased that they will finally understand you, while other guys will be nervous and maybe a little unreliable on their own, because they think that you will not want it.

If he reacts nervously, cling to him so that he knows that you like to be wrapped in his arms. And if it seems to him that he is enjoying himself, you can relax in him even further.

# 9 Give him a further hug. We all know that there are tons of different hugs. Usually, when you first start, you start by simply leaning against him when his arm wraps around your shoulder. This is the most frequent beginner for beginners, and this is because it is easy to cancel if one of the parties does not quite feel it.

Do not try to lie on him or continue to cuddle, because this can cause him weakness. Let him take the next step, snuggling to make sure that you are comfortable where you are. [Read: How to hug a guy: hug a position to be a loving buddy]

# 10 Do it every time you see it. The guys should get used to hugging, as this is not something that usually comes to them naturally. If you want each time you see him, each time hugging a guy, you need to go through these steps every time. In this way, you can go to a place where you can just enter, and he will be there to pull your hands. [Read: 16 non-sexual touches to feel connected and loved]

Hugging with a guy may seem like a very simple and natural affair, but actually it’s a lot harder. This complete guide on how to cuddle with a guy will put you in the arms of every guy you want.