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Hello! The post will be small but useful.

The other day I was surprised by the question of how to shorten the link and bring it to the form (link to my blog,)). It seemed to me that short link services exist for a long time and they are known to all. It turned out no. That is why I decided to write a post about 10 link shortening services.

First, a little about what they are for. Most often, links are shortened for two reasons:

  • They want to hide the address of the link (now everyone is taught and recognizes such links. How to proceed, read below),
  • They want to shorten the link length,

In the first case, it is useful to hide referral links. For example, my referral link to the Beget hosting site >

The problem is solved! A service has appeared that disguises links to your domain. It is not suitable for everyone: if you do not make money on the Internet, do not sell goods or services, use any of the following. And for those involved in affiliate programs, mlm-business and referral, I recommend watching the video.

Increase earnings: get acquainted with a smart link shortener.

In the second case, we resort to the help of the short link service when the link is very long. Link to the content exchange review page might look like this Agree, more pleasant? 🙂

But there is a flip side to the coin: spam and pages with malicious code are often sent to such links. It is impossible to predict what is hidden behind the link. Naturally, seeing an incomprehensible link, the percentage of people who click on it will noticeably decrease.

Well, now to the services.

Google Link Shortener ( and its features

Officially, this short link service is called Google URL Shortener, but they will recognize him more by his pretty funny URL, or rather a domain name (what is it?) -

Its main advantage is that it belongs to Google, as a result of which we can state its main advantages over competitors in shortening Urlov:

  1. You must understand that the user, clicking on any short link, does not get to the desired page immediately, but in transit through the website (web server) of the service contractor. And if there will be a huge number of such transitions at the same time? That's right, the server may start to slow down. Will people following your shortened links wait a long time? Is not a fact.

Therefore, the reliability and load capacity of servers of such services is very important. And who do you think has the most powerful server capacity in the world? Right, google. And therefore it is, all other things being equal, it will be preferable to choose because of the high guarantee health shortened links in Google URL Shortener.

  • To get a short link in, you don’t need to register, because your data will be used from an existing Google account, which everyone who uses Jimail mail (with a high degree of security), earns in Google Adsense, sets the Analytics counter code , uses the Google Alerts search engine, buys ads in Adwords, etc.
  • Also a very important problem when working with shorteners is the possibility of termination of short links after some time. Agree that constantly monitoring their performance is not comme il faut. Google’s contractor stores short links intact as long as your account exists. Of course, there is a risk that this service will be closed (this sometimes happens, for example, with a Google reader), but at least you will be warned about this in advance.
  • Work with shortener ridiculously simple. Enter the URL (universal resource identifier) ​​in the form that you want to reduce, then click on the "Shorten URL" button and immediately get the opportunity to copy the resulting link starting with the domain name:

    In the window that opens, you will see a screenshot of the page whose address is shortened, and the short link itself will be given a little higher. To copy it to the clipboard, it will be enough to click on the icon of pieces of paper located to the right of it. After that, the pop-up window can be closed and you can see a list of all the links that you have ever reduced in the service under this account:

    On the same page, you can see the number of clicks on shortened links in this service, and when you move the mouse cursor to the line with the desired “shortcut”, you can copy this short URL to the clipboard if necessary. Also, a drop-down menu will appear on the right, where by clicking on the item "Analytics Data" You can study click statistics in full detail:

    There you can copy a picture with a QR code so that this link can be quickly transferred to a mobile phone (using the recognition programs of this type of codes - take a picture of it from the phone and then go to the page of the site where Url leads) . Well, it goes without saying that short links that become unnecessary can be hidden from this list using the “Hide URL” item in the drop-down menu.

    Of the shortcomings of the contractor service Goo.Gl you can note:

    1. All shortcuts are collected in one heap and there is no way to shove them into folders.
    2. It will not work to make several different short links leading to the same page, for example, to test their location and select the most effective places on the site.
    3. It is also worth careful to use short links from in mailing lists, because these shortcomings may suddenly stop working due to suspicions of spamming.

    Where else can you reliably shorten a link?

    1. ( - The official link shortener from VK. However, the short Urls created in it can be used not only inside this social network, but also in any other place. It works very simply: paste the URL that you want to reduce, click on the button and copy the short version of the link. And that’s all! True, there are no statistics or even a list of shortened Urls that you previously created (you will have to create and store their database on your own computer, which is not very convenient).

    But there are no issues with the performance of shortened links in the VK, because its server capacities are simply huge. Yes, and registration is no longer necessary, because in VKontakte almost the entire runet is registered. That's just about the safety of the created short links I can not say anything, because it all depends on the current policy of the VC. Clicker from Yandex - Another pretty simple service (but from a renowned developer, which gives hope for the stability of its work), which allows you to shorten the link. Again, there is only a form for entering the target URL and a button. However, here after the shortening process is over, you are also offered to copy the picture with the QR code, unlike the link reducer discussed above from VK. It may come in handy.

    In my opinion, there is not enough functionality, but reliability should be on top due to the seriousness of the brand that has sheltered this contractor at its facilities. - Earlier, this shortener was located at, if anyone remembers. To shorten the address of any page, you only need to insert it in the box provided and click on the “Shorten” button. An instant reduction will be carried out and you will be prompted to copy the resulting shortening:

    All short links made by you for this session will be displayed below (you can even see conversion statistics from them), and this is all without registration (apparently, you are identified by the cookies stored in the browser).

    However, if you register in the abbreviation (for this you can use existing accounts in social networks), you can get access to advanced statistics, as well as change the appearance of received short links at its discretion (if such an option is not already used by someone):

    Shortened links starting with Unnecessary links can be sent to the archive, and you should also know that the service uses a 301 redirect to redirect, which gives some hope that the weight is transferred via this link (this is important for website owners and CEOs). - One of the first service-abbreviations, which during this time has gained quite a solid army of adherents. True, its current appearance somewhat does not meet the exacting requirements of users, but it works quite well.

    As you can see in the screenshot, if you wish, you can change the proposed URL to something meaningful. This service does not provide any additional functionality.

  • U.TO - This shortener service is owned by uCoz. The link as a result is even shorter than that of most competitors, due to the very short domain name of the service. If you register, you will get access to click statistics on shortening, as well as the audience of their producing (country, browser, OS, etc.).
  • How can I make money with short links?

    Oddly enough, but you can make money on this business. There are special services that allow you to not only shorten links, but also receive money for clicks on them. The fact is that on the intermediate page the user will be shown a small advertisement on which this service makes money by sharing part of the profit with you. It turns out something like advertising when switching satellite TV channels (such as Tricolor).

    Moreover, such shortened links can be placed both on your website and in any other place on the Internet (forums, social networks, blogs, etc.). Any transition on them will be paid, which together can result in quite decent amounts with the proper approach. In principle, there are many similar services, but from them I would choose one proven that you can trust:

      Catcut - here is one of the highest rates for clicking on the link you distribute. Shortcuts are created right in the service interface (you will need to select the “On your links” earnings option on the main page).

    Paste the original (for example,, get ukrochny ( and just insert it on the forum, social networks and in other places.

    Do not forget in the settings (tab "Earnings on the links") enable ad serving, when clicking on shortened links in the service (otherwise they will not bring income):

    Other earning options are also possible, which can be read on their website. Money withdrawal is possible on WebMoney and Yandex Money. The minimum amount for withdrawal is one ruble, which is good.

    If you are still using some kind of contractor with the possibility of earning, then do not apply to share your experience and income.

    Which link shortener to choose?

    It all depends on the tasks facing you.

    1. If you need to shorten url of some page once a month and then there’s no need to track conversion statistics or simply access a list of your shortened page addresses earlier, the simpler the service, the better. Perhaps only their reliability should be taken into account, so here you can recommend or due to their simplicity and belonging to major runet players.
    2. If you carry out, for example, systematic shortening your referral links, then it would be very desirable to be able to periodically access their list and view the statistics of the transition for them. Here you can definitely recommend or
    3. If you plan use short links in email newsletters, it’s better to choose, because, as I already mentioned, may suddenly stop opening shortcuts under the pretext of suspecting spam.
    4. If, among other things, you also want to earn on shortened links, then you can try CatCut

    Otherwise, everything is determined by your taste, preferences or habits.

    How to make a short link using Google short links service - Google Url Shortener

    So, I want to acquaint you with the most popular, in my opinion, service. There are, of course, many more. But I do not like to spray, and I give only what I regularly use myself and checked its quality in my own skin, so to speak.

    Google Url Shortener. This is a free online service that I use constantly. Its main advantage is that it saves all links entered into it. That is, for example, having registered in some affiliate program, you have a referral link in your hands. You enter it into this service, it generates a short display for you and leaves all statistics on actions with it.

    If you want to use it again, you won’t have to go in again and look for it. She is already in him. I consider this the most important competitive advantage in comparison with other analogues. This service, in fact, can also be used as a repository of affiliate links.

    Since this is a Google product, it requires the presence of a mailbox on Gmail to activate it. I want to immediately make a reservation that all the statistics on the created links and clicks on them are connected specifically with your Google account.

    We go to the service. And in the line we insert our long source link. Click on Shorten Url (shorten it) and get the generated short.

    Let's look at the details of its placement on this service. In the right column are the long links, the dates of its creation, and the short links themselves. On the right is the transcript of this link. It’s very convenient if you forgot where this original link came from, you can select it and the service will display the page you will get by clicking on it. To see statistics on it, click on Details (point 3).

    We are provided with action infographics with this link. Detailed information, where they came from, from which resources, countries and which browsers. It is very convenient that the service immediately generates a QR code, which can be used by copying its image.

    In general, one could not have considered further, since all other services are either very similar in terms of the functionality provided, or a miserable likeness. But still I will indicate the most interesting of them.

    Popular Short Link Services

    Let's look at some alternatives to the proposed undisputed leader above. These are the most popular services, but in fact there are many more.

    1 service .

    A fairly popular service in the bourgeois space. Authorization through standard registration, or through social network accounts. Everything is simple. You enter the source long url. The service generates a shortened link with the address It is possible to create your own name for the link.

    2 service . Serious URl Shortener - Clicker.

    So they position themselves. This is a service from Yandex. No registrations and extra gestures. Enter a long URl into the command line and get a short link of the form, its QR code is also a letter-by-frame storyboard below it. The service does not remember anything. Very convenient for one-time generation.

    3 service . Shortening service from Ukoz -

    Everything is standard. Enter the source url, click Shorten. The output is a link like Nothing outstanding. The usual unpretentious service.

    These were one of the most popular on the Runet space. In general, if the phrase “short links” is scored in the search bar of any browser, then the first page of the search will certainly consist of only the services that provide this service. To create a one-time link, in fact, any of them will do.

    But if you want your link to be active for years, then, of course, a service from Google is beyond any competition. After all, the use of a little-known shortener does not guarantee the existence of this link. It is not clear how long this service can last.

    By the way, for those who make money on affiliate programs and for whom the type of link is vital, the service has recently launched, which allows you to professionally shorten the link. She will have a domain name and will not cause fear among a potential partner. See the service overview below for more details.

    It should be noted that you need to cautiously follow the generated short links. After all, you do not know where you will actually be redirected. Therefore, use them only when you are sure of the reliability of the source of their receipt. Here's a tip from me.

    That's all. You cannot embrace the immensity and tell directly about each service, and this is not necessary. If you want to make a short link, use Google Url Shortener - a free service of short links from Google. Surely they won’t go anywhere. Subscribe to blog updates, there is still a lot of interesting things. Until.


    Colorful foreign service One of the most popular in the West.

    In fact, there are a lot of similar services, and at first I wanted to make a list of 10 short-link services, but I thought, why? This is more than enough. I myself use the abbreviation from Google, rarely Bitly. I'm always authorized at Google, so click through statistics are available, which is pretty useful.

    I do not recommend using little-known shorteners, because it is not known how long they will live.

    That's all. Good luck to all! Cut back on health!

    P. S. Your friends do not yet know how to shorten the link, so share with them in the social. networks of this article and they will be grateful to you.

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    I didn’t work with the API, I won’t tell you here.

    Trim is already dead. Why is there no tiniurl in the list?

    Corrected, thanks.
    I did not set the task to cover all the services, but wanted to give the reader a choice from a small amount. I myself now use only and, occasionally,

    Thank you, very useful information !! but you can make a link so that it looks like a text (that is, it was displayed like that, just separately) but is it really a link ??

    Yes, you can - set the class to the link that you do not want to select from the text and write the text-decoration: none property in the styles,
    Really I do not understand why? No one will click on such a link, why is it needed at all?