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How to download games from torrents: instructions


If you do not yet have a torrent client program, we recommend downloading from the official website: or MediaGet. Read more about the program here.

Save the installation file of the program to disk, then install the torrent client following the instructions. After the successful installation of this program, you can easily download games from our portal.

Video example: How to download and install the game "Don’t Starve Shipwrecked (2015)"

Video example: How to download and install the game "The Sims" In ISO format"

We also recommend reading about Torrent technology.


A torrent tracker is a community, a forum where users post links where they can download torrent games to a computer. However, this is not entirely legal. There are precedents when such exchangers simply closed and fined, but why? The fact is that you do not download licensed, but hacked games on them. Therefore, copyright holders try to close such sites. It’s not beneficial for you to get their content for free.

That is why, sometimes on torrent trackers you can meet distributions with a comment - "closed at the request of the copyright holder." But do not despair. This does not mean that you have to go and buy the treasured game (film). Just wait a bit or look elsewhere. The first hype of the sale will take place, and in a month you will be able to get everything for free, and as good as the original. Now let's go directly to the question: "How to download games from torrents?"


Everything is quite simple if you are at least a little computer savvy. Before downloading games from torrents, you will need to install a special program. Using uTorrent is recommended. This application supports almost all known languages ​​and is easy to manage. You can download it on the official website of the developer. On the other hand, good trackers provide users with the opportunity to get this program directly from their sites.

After downloading the distribution package for this program, be sure to check it for viruses. No antivirus should find any modifications in it. Remember that this item is very important. Since torrent trackers exchange information directly between users, having infected them on your computer, you can open it to an attacker, and even send the infection to others. Install uTorrent. This is done in exactly the same way as with any other program.

So, you have downloaded and installed the necessary utility. Your next step before downloading games from torrents will be their search. There are several basic and fairly safe trackers on which you can find the information you need - Tfile and Rutracker.

  1. After registering, you need to find a topic with the game you are interested in.
  2. After examining the information on the page and making sure that this is exactly what you need, click "download".
  3. Thus, you will get a file with the extension ".torrent" on your computer. If you have already installed uTorrent, then the file is automatically associated with this program, and you only have to double-click on it.
  4. The program will run automatically, and you will be asked to choose which way to download.
  5. While the download process is in progress, you can turn off the computer. It will not fail, but in the off state, the download, of course, will not go.
  6. Torrent will notify you of the end of the download.

As you can see, the question is: "How to download games from torrents?" - It is solved quite simply. But there are several rules that are recommended to be followed.

  • Check downloaded content for viruses. This is especially true for applications.
  • If the antivirus has detected something, do not rush to panic. Read the topic in which the game was downloaded. Indeed, most of the games on such forums are hacked, and the antivirus can identify the “tablet" for the game as a virus.
  • Leave the downloads overnight. At this time, more people are appearing who are “distributing” games from their computers.
  • Configure download speed using uTorrent internal tools.
  • Determine the maximum speed at which data is downloaded. Set the speed limit to this value. With these actions you can increase the speed a little more.
  • Choose torrents with more “seeds” - these are the users who have downloaded the game fully and are now distributing it to others.