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Delibird, regional Relicanth and shiny Snorunt at Pokemon GO


Good day to all.

In short, I decided to exchange with myself, but rather between my game profiles, a relicant and an abra, purely for the sake of interest and fun.

↓ How it all happened ↓

First you need to log into the game simultaneously with two different profiles, it looked something like this:

After that, on the second floor of the poker center, connect to the cable network club, in the room of the exchange center:

We save, but after us they let us into the above-mentioned room

Next we are waiting for such a strange room, where you need to sit in places:

And now, the most key moment is choosing a Pokemon for exchange:

As I said, we will change abra and relicant.

After choosing a Pokemon, we poke for an exchange and wait for the action of the second coach.

And now, everything is almost ready, it remains only to agree:

Both parties agree and. The exchange process takes place:

Done! The process was successful)

Well. I think it was interesting for you to look at this action, as it was for me, as a matter of fact.

Shiny Snorunt in Pokemon GO

Niantic Introduces New Brilliant Pokémon: Snorunt! Snorunt evolves into Glalie in the third generation of Pokémon, however the female form Snorunt evolves into Froslass (Max CP 1857, Ice and Phantom) in the 4th generation of Pokemon. Snorunt is not the most powerful Pokémon, but you should catch it for the collection.

Lure modules work for 6 hours, Christmas Pichu

As we wrote earlier, Lure modules now work for 6 hours until January 5 (until 0:00 Moscow time), which can greatly help with the joint accumulation of experience by players. In addition, first-generation start-ups and Pichu can hatch from eggs. Most likely, this change in Pokemon eggs will be valid only during the festive event.

I wish you a pleasant and interesting New Year's event 2017 in Pokemon GO!


He fed Pokemon berries. The Persian came back and around it an air whirlwind and lightnings fell. What is it?

A bug that means that at this very moment someone is beating the arena on which your Pokemon is sitting.

With relics, the niantik threw players hard

Somehow it is not very useful, judging by the characteristics and attacks.

I do not believe New Zealanders .. they ate Cook)))

Cook was eaten by Hawaiians)))

Polynesians to be exact

in general, this is a historical myth, the cookie was just shot somewhere on the islands look pliz what kind of garbage that means. There were still lightning but only yellow spots on the photo. By the way, I see this not the first time.

I went into the gim, to raise Pokam motivation, just as he was wrung out

This fart burns with indignation, scrolling the list of Pokemon to the beginning! ?

Have I been to New Zealand yet? and in general, why such a joy for them? I imagine how the fifth points of the whole world would burn if they made some kind of Pokemon, such as Kapcha and Bertik, regional only in the Russian Federation? .

Is it white with a red ear - regional?

You might think, among the regionals there is no Mr. Shche =)

Sick of them, the code is a little cloudy.

It seems Heracross is not Mr.
And Zangoose is good to put on the tower, and when he returns - to the experiments of the professor. It’s not rational to put blisi, and the next day 4-7 corpses to revive and heal, now I put those I will not heal, and for the candy - to the professor

This bug is neither better nor worse than the machampa (less health, better defense goes 1 to 1). The double type does not affect it too much.

I have been practicing for candy for parts for a long time, but there is nowhere to put the healers.

Today I finally decided to evolve my Slakoth with CP 816, as I finally scored enough candies and was shocked by the end result, it turned out Slaking with CP 4080, how so? (⊙_ ◎)
p.s. I don’t use calculators, because I had a sad experience with getting blindness for a month for such manipulation with an extraneous program, so I was shocked by this evolution.

It's too dull and long, but thanks for the tip! ?

There are at least 2 safe programs.
All that do not require personal data are safe (everyone asks for level and color, this is normal). I am using GoIv

I had IVGO, thanks, I don’t use it anymore, it wasn’t very pleasant to go blind for a month.

These are different programs. There are 2 big differences between connecting to the server with an unauthorized program (which is prohibited) and analyzing a screenshot (which is forbidden to do so).

they gave you blindness because you spoil life all over Saratov in the area of ​​the embankment with your helicopter, and here you still whine

And now for more details, tell me how it is that I, as you put it, spoil my life by “helicopter” (forgive me the Russian language textbook for this word)? On what basis is such an accusation, please facts, and not empty verbiage!

A textbook of the Russian language will never forgive you in principle: even this comment of yours tears it to shreds, with three and a half lines of text - six errors.

Strange, I personally noticed that in my message there are only 2 errors and they relate to spelling (these are words such as "more in detail" and "basis"), it happens to me like that, but I don’t distort the words. If you noticed, then I point to a specific non-existent word "helicopter", and not to spelling and punctuation, as spelling errors in such dialogs are permissible. Literacy can be taught to schoolchildren in an educational institution, but in such a case you show not your mind, but your stupidity!

I'm not showing my mind, but YOUR stupidity, sorry.

We have caught shiney deliberd, a little white one.

Show the real screen, plz. And then there is a lot of talk about his shaynik and that it is a fake too. It is not clear who to believe 🙂

Hundredth slack hatched ^^, shini pichu.
The question is, did anyone use a blazeken? He has resistance to everything except stone, maybe with him you can score in 2 blast dash fires?

You can score something (in cloudy weather) - only machamps are in every way cheaper and more reliable. and you can even not in cloudy weather, if you pump up to the fortieth.

Well, to score a shooting range of 2 in cloudy weather is not at all interesting, we calmly score 40 seconds with the girl, while all the machamps she has are only weather that she managed to catch. such an imbalance from niantics, but the blast fire was not yet seen in cloudy weather, we can try. But I want to score in normal weather)

So far, there is only one caught in the street with coven IV. Normal, it is not known when I collect and pump.

But the 5th machamp approaches 40.

Oh Gods! Weilmer-400 wants for evolution. PPC

That is, the same feature of carp has never bothered you, but what if you are suddenly here? 🙂

And I have 2 Korfish from 2 5-kilometer eggs got out, not a fig to myself a present, they still have not come across to me in the wild. (⊙_ ◎)

Hi, monkey 🙂 in your message you should write "5-kilometer (or five-kilometer)" and "Nevermind a present for yourself."
Learn your native language, not hu * winky in brackets.

Firstly, on what grounds do you insult me? If this is because of my previous criticism of you, then the problem is in you that you get to the bottom of words, but in general only a narrow-minded person can react to constructive criticism with insult.
Secondly, such abbreviations as 5 or 2 are permissible in colloquial speech similar to similar forums, here we write a message not for evaluation, but in order to convey any information in any convenient way, well, or just to communicate.
And the only one where there was a mistake, this is the phrase “NOT feg yourself,” well done, I did find something to get to it, you can put a tick on your forehead and tell your friends about such a great achievement. Let me remind you, this is a forum, here people communicate and if you do not distort words before carving in the eye, then spelling errors are allowed!

What round is possible with a diploma that considers possible reductions in colloquial speech and does not understand the difference between the words thread and thread? Personally, in my eyes, the pain arises from any mistake in the text, especially when these errors abound in a text full of stupidity.
The round will be no more, do not bother.

Knowledge of the Russian language is important, but clinging to each sign is over the top.
There is no forum for teachers and linguists. )))

no offense, but it’s impossible not to cling to через chur 😀

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And can this be done with others? Well, for example, I want to exchange with Dana, is that so?

Do you mean with other players?

Reply ShonyBon

Reply: new_moon_with_face: Litleo: full_moon_with_face: [lvl: 1]

To be honest, I only have answers on the basis of the theory (I have not tried the type yet, but I guess how everything should go)

If there will be an exchange between coaches on two different devices, then both should have the same emulator and the same version of the game. Also, both must connect through the same network.

If the exchange takes place at a decent distance, but with a common game and emulator, then. No, I do not know the answer to this option

And how to do it with soulSilver?

To be honest, I can not advise anything, because I did not play