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Search for pipeline leaks in the apartment


Many owners of their own homes are faced with the problem of finding hidden communications, leaks in the heat and water supply system or underfloor heating pipes. The need to identify the correct location of the hidden pipe wiring lines or underfloor heating arises when testing new systems to simplify repairs or before installing other equipment. The problem is that during the last 20 years during construction and repair the customer did not want to see the pipes and the builders hid them in the floor and wall screed. This led to the fact that due to a violation of the technology of laying these routes or the use of low-quality materials, the landlord has serious problems in the form of unclear trickling water (in the floor, walls, ceilings). What could be the cause of leaks in the house?

1. Tracing (visualization) of underfloor heating pipes and heating system wiring.

Carrying out repair work is a complex process and includes many nuances. In order to make a high-quality repair and at the same time not to destroy what is already available, you have to take some precautions - for example, take care to find communications in the floor or wall. It is often required to determine the exact scheme for laying the branches of the warm floor, otherwise you risk damaging the entire system, therefore, before carrying out repairs, you must find all the hidden pipes.

Trace Thermogram Examplescommunications (click on the picture to enlarge):

Underfloor pipes

Concealed pipe routing

Heating radiators

2. Search and registration of hidden wetting areas of building structures.

Manometers are installed in houses with independent heating and therefore it is possible to indirectly determine the fact of a leak by the pressure drop in the system. If the pressure in the boiler drops, this is the primary sign of leakage. To localize the leakage zone (wetting of materials), it is necessary to conduct thermal imaging diagnostics of the system. We use a combined method for localizing leaks (high-precision thermal imager + pulsed humidity scanner). Currently, this examination method is the most accurate and gives the probability of localization of the leak up to 80%. The thermal imager is one of the most effective tools for detecting problem areas, making invisible wet areas visible to the human eye. The accuracy of the localization of the hidden leakage site is from 0.5 m2 and depends on the design features of the pipe laying, the type and thickness of the screed, the use of heat-insulating materials on the pipes. A separate defect map is created for each examined area (click on the photo below). The cost of a thermal imaging survey depends on the area of ​​the survey.

Examples of registration of leaks of cold water supply systems:

Examples of registration of leaks of heating systems and hot water supply:

If necessary, the areas localized by the thermal imager are examined using a pulse moisture scanner, with the possibility of detecting moisture accumulation in porous insulation materials to a depth of 10 cm, in a screed up to 5 cm.

. The use of acoustic and correlation leak detectors to detect weak pipe leaks in floors and walls is ineffective. These devices are used to detect leaks in external trunk pipelines of large diameter (from 100 mm and above).

How to find out what a leak is

Oh, it's not an easy job to see a leak in a pipe. Water does not always flow from it. Usually a small leak forms in metal products, from where drops of liquid seep. A defect can go unnoticed for a long time, but after a while it will bring huge inconvenience. Mold will appear, the walls will begin to damp, the floors of the wood will rot.

Leaks do not occur in plastic pipes, however they are depressurized on fittings. Therefore, they cannot be hidden in the walls.

And the leak will become noticeable when neighbors come running complaining that they have leaking from the ceiling, and your wall will be wet.

In underground systems, leakage is dangerous due to subsidence of the foundation, erosion of the soil, and water is consumed more than the norm

How to find a hidden area moisturizing building structures

Finding leaks is difficult. An experienced engineer cannot determine its source. As a result, having made several autopsies of building structures, sorting out possible options for self-detection of leaks, people give up.

We recommend contacting the sanitary and epidemiological station and using the service for finding defects using a modern device - a thermal imager. The tool finds problem areas, makes them visible. The accuracy of the pipe breakthrough is 0.5 - 2 meters. It depends on the thickness of the screed, styling features, use of materials (heat insulating). You will not need to destroy the building structure. It is enough to cut a small piece of the wall to make the problem area accessible.

This survey method is the most accurate.

Equipment used by SES workers

Specialists apply the most effective methods. Considerable work experience allows craftsmen to find pipe defects in difficult conditions. Then, according to the test results - write a conclusion and an act for presentation to higher authorities, including the court.

To get an effective result, we use different methods and devices:

  • High resolution thermal imagers and high contrast matrices. Such devices are expensive, but inexpensive models may not leak.
  • Humidity scanner. Determines the humidity of building materials.
  • Track detector. To find hidden communications.

In addition to these devices, we use an air compressor, an ultrasonic leak detector, an endoscope and other devices. We have equipment for solving the most complex tasks.

What to do after the examination

We are trained to find leaks, we have been working for many years. We easily detect pipe leaks.

As soon as the leak of the pipeline in the apartment is searched, you need to find a solution to get rid of it. Shut off water in your home, call specialists who will eliminate pipe leaks.

In multi-storey buildings, you also need to shut off the water and find a craftsman serving the building.

Why it is worth contacting our sanitary and epidemiological station

Leaks can be almost invisible. But if they are not quickly identified, property damage may be caused. Specialists have the ability, the equipment to detect the cause of the leak and help fix the problem.

Our company has excelled in thermal imaging checks. We even detect hidden streams of water. And early detection of leaks helps save money on repairs.

Clients trust us because:

  • We do not overcharge.
  • We have modern equipment of European manufacturers.
  • We use innovative technologies to detect flaws without causing damage to building structures. The thermal imager accurately determines the location of the leak, without requiring the destruction of flooring, drilling walls, removing tiles.

Contact. We will precisely establish the place where the pipes leak, we will quickly repair the damaged line. Our services are for you.

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Found signs of a leak?

  • wet spots
  • raw walls
  • bloated wallpaper
  • exfoliated putty
  • fungus or mold

It is necessary to quickly fix the problem, because the damage will increase every day.

Starting from damage to finishes, furniture and mold, ending with a short in electrical wiring and collapse.

And to fix the problem, the first thing to do is find a water leak.

Leak Search Prices

In the floor, wall, screedfrom 4 000 rub.
Undergroundfrom 12 000 rub.
Autopsyfrom 3 000 rub.
Repairsfrom 3 000 rub.
30 rub / kmDeparture from MKAD

All cases with leaks are individual.
For cost and consultation call.

Leaking heating in the facade

A strong leak in the heating pipe was detected. The depth of the pipes below the level of overlap by 0.6 meters. Found from the facade of the house.

Warm floor leak

Autopsy revealed the reason. At the time of screed pouring, shovels were repeatedly damaged pipes.

Leaking heating pipes

The customer complained about the pressure drop in the boiler and flow from the second floor. Using a thermal imager, we found a leak. An autopsy indicated mechanical damage.

Waterproofing violation

Violations of the waterproofing of the balcony, the wall is wetted. An autopsy confirmed a violation of the waterproofing technology.

Cold water leak

Leaks were invisible to the eye, but moisture was already appearing on the walls. Without our intervention, a leak would ruin the finish.

Leak in the warm floor

A temperature anomaly caused by leakage was detected. They gave recommendations on the audit and repair of leaks.

Consequences of leaks

Examples of damage caused by untimely repair of a leak are from the practice of msk-poisk.

Our equipment

Thermal imaging leak detection

The use of a thermal imaging camera is very effective in finding hidden water leaks. Our highly sensitive device captures the slightest temperature difference.

If hot water flows, then there will be a characteristic heat spot or spill at the leak. So we can find a heating leak. If cold water flows, then you can reconnect the water or spill hot.

If this is not possible, then the chance of finding a water leak will be 70-80%, due to the fact that cold water will give less contrast.

Acoustic leak detector

This method is especially effective for finding leaks in pipelines.

When water oozes, a noise arises that is inaudible by humans, but which is well captured by specialized sensors.

That is why we always use a leak detector when we go out to find pipe leaks in an apartment or in a country house.

Endoscope leak detection

Allows a visual search for hidden water leaks in hard-to-reach places.

Often it is the inspection chamber that answers the question: how to find where the leak is coming from.

At the moment, only we use such a complex of professional equipment

All our devices are approved by the State Register for Measuring Instruments of the Russian Federation