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How to connect iPod to the radio?


When I bought my Volvo, the music in it could be listened to only from CDs or via AUX. Naturally, a shortage of MP3s was immediately felt. Yes, you could burn your favorite music to an MP3 disc, but anyway, it was very inconvenient (and now the CDs are completely out of use). So I quickly bought a module for USB and iPod ( ... / VCC-479689/2008 / T6% 20AWD). After installation, I enjoyed the music from the USB drive for a long time. But then there were streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and USB became few. I was wondering how to "implement" these services in the car of 2008. Of course I read about what the devices from GROM, TRIOMA give. But they all emulate a CD changer and this does not help in any way in solving the task. And having normal USB and iPod inputs, there was no point in buying GROM / TRIOM. But then I started reading about how the 30-pin iPod interface works ... It uses a normal (analog) audio signal (I mean that it’s not digital yet), and the transmission is through a standard COM port. Since everything is “open”, why not connect to it and see what happens. Moreover, there are a lot of projects on the Internet like "we manage iPod with Arduino". So the idea to “marry” Android and the 30-pin iPod interface came up. The idea was simple: firstly, you had to somehow connect the android to the 30-pin connector (best for bluetooth), well, secondly, you had to write an application for android that would control the music and communicate via the 30-pin “pretending” iPod 'ohm.

The idea seemed attractive, and most importantly - there was no need for any interference with the standard audio installation of the car.

I started doing this after work, for fun. In addition to the elementary electrical connection, it was necessary to implement the Apple "Accessory Protocol" under the android, but not in order to control the iPod, but to emulate its behavior. As the saying goes "Google help you", but it turned out that in Google there are only basic commands, and a significant part of the information was not enough. Then I had to write an additional program that, on the principle of MITM (Man In The Middle), discards all communication between a real iPod and the machine (and even perverted like that). Who suddenly needs - the source is here: Then in the end I found an Apple document describing this protocol and things went much faster.

In short, after innumerable evenings, I think that the project has already matured so much that you can brag about it here. The project, it can be said, has already passed beta tests since I have reports from people from all over the world who implemented this device. There are reports that the app works not only with Volvo, but also with BMW, Audi, Ford, Kia, etc.

So what you need:
* PodEmu application - download from the Play Store
* A little skills on working with a soldering iron to assemble a homemade adapter. How to assemble it is described below.

And immediately make a reservation that the application is completely free and will never be paid. There are no advertisements there either. The project is absolutely Open Source - all sources are available here:

And here is a small presentation of the possibilities. Please do not kick for the fact that English - there are subtitles in Russian:

And here is another example of using the Ford Falcon FG MK1:

So go for it. If anyone decides to assemble the adapter, then write comments or in PM - I will try to help.

To begin with, I suggest you familiarize yourself with a small presentation on YT. True "movie" in English (do not kick for it much), but there are subtitles in Russian.

And here we must make a reservation that although the project itself was originally developed for my S80, there are many reports that the app works normally with many other brands (in particular BMW, Audi, Ford, Kia / Hyundai). The main thing is to have a 30-pin iPod connector. And immediately make a reservation that unfortunately this project is not for those who have an iPod connected via USB. USB adapters for 30-pin will not help either (with the exception of Kia, maybe there’s another story). Accept.

about the project
PodEmu is an application for Android smartphones that allows you to connect your Android device to the iPod dock or to the car audio system if you have a 30-pin iPod connector (Lightning is not supported). Thanks to PodEmu, you can control the playback of music directly from the steering wheel, and information about the track being played will be displayed on the display of the radio.

Features and capabilities of PodEmu
- works without ROOT
- the application is not tailored to a specific brand of car or model and will work in every car in which there is a 30-pin iPod connector. I have reports from users of brands BMW, Audi, Volvo, Kia, Ford and not only who successfully managed to launch PodEmu with their car
- Displays information about the track being played on the display of the audio system or dock.
- You can control your favorite Android music app (e.g. Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music) directly from your car’s steering wheel or from the dock
- Support for Bluetooth devices, i.e. It is possible to connect the phone completely wirelessly.
- Completely open source :) You can modify and redistribute subject to compliance with GPLv3.
- The attachment will not work if you connect the machine to the machine via a USB cable or via standard Bluetooth - it is not intended for this.

What is needed
- Android device with USB host support (USB host support is not required if you use FT311D or FT312D or Bluetooth modules). Almost any phone currently sold has USB-host support.
- Home-made adapter or home-made Bluetooth module. Unfortunately, there are no adapters or adapters ready for use, so you will need at least basic soldering skills to build your own adapter.

List of supported music apps
PodEmu will work correctly with any media player, but only if this media player correctly sends notifications to the status bar. All major streaming media players such as Apple Music, Play Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal, YouTube are supported. There are certainly nuances. Np Spotify does not notify you of the number of tracks in this playlist and notifies you when the track is rewound very late. YouTube does not notify that they paused. Best of all, how not strange does Apple Music work. But I use it with Spotify and don't complain too.

Operating principle
For PodEmu to work properly, you need to connect the phone to the car through two separate channels:

- audio channel (of course)
- data channel (for managing and transmitting information about the artist)

In the 30-pin connector, the audio signal is transmitted classically, analogously, there has been no digitalization here yet. But for metadata and management, a serial interface is used - the standard is also universally known. But in addition, Apple has its own protocol, the “Apple Accessory Protocol,” through which iPod and other Apple devices communicate with accessories such as a docking station or car radio. The main task of PodEmu is just to "read" information about the track being played from the notification line and using the Apple protocol to transmit information to the radio.

And here it should be noted that PodEmu will not work with USB / Lightning wires, because with such wires all information (including audio) is transmitted digitally, and PodEmu (and most likely Android itself) will not be able to "read" it. Of course, theoretically it is possible to write a Linux kernel module, so that it is defined by other devices as an iPod, but there is no time, desire, and there will be no demand (for each phone and firmware it would be necessary to compile the kernel separately).

Both channels mentioned above can be connected directly using wires or Bluetooth modules. Below you can find several options for connecting an Android device with an iPod 30-pin interface.

But back to the 30-pin connector ...
The audio channel can be connected directly, by wire or using the BT module, which supports the A2DP profile, for example XS3868, RN52, BK8000L.

The data channel can also be connected by wire. In this case, you will need any USB-COM adapter, for example FT232R, FT231X, FT311D, FT312D, PL2303, CP2102, CP2105, CP2108 or CP2110. In addition, the application can be connected using any BT-module that supports the SPP profile (except for BLE devices that do not sin performance). For BT, you can use modules such as HC05, HC06, RN52.

Naturally, all the above modules need to be powered somehow. The following are some examples of wiring diagrams. In some of them I used the LM2596 DC-DC converter, but you can use any power supply that can provide the necessary voltage and current.

Note for all schemes: R1 / D1 elements are required only for those cars / docking stations where the radio or dock expects pin 18 to be raised from the iPod side to 3.3 V. Otherwise, the radio does not recognize the iPod connection. R1 is required to limit the current, and D1 is just an additional protection (to be honest, you can not use it). If you are not sure if the aforementioned resistor is needed for your car, you can start without R1 / D1 and if the radio does not notice that the “iPod” is connected, then just add a chain with R1.

Connect iPod to the radio in the car via cable

This connection option is that you need to take the device and the car radio and connect them with a cable. After that, complete synchronization and integration of the functioning of the devices. Here are all the ways to connect iPod to the radio using a cable:

  • Cassette adapter, this method is suitable for cassette tape recorders. An important condition for making a connection is the presence of an AUX output on the device. The advantage can be attributed to the automatic preservation of the best interference of the cassette tape. The adapter eliminates most of the possible noise of the mechanism, due to this, the music playback quality is excellent, even with a quiet sound.

  • step 1, insert the adapter into the cassette,
  • step 2, insert the cord into the iPod AUX output,
  • step 3, click on the play button.

In this case, the radio tape recorder is an audio signal amplifier, with this adapter it is possible to listen to tracks from any device that has the desired connector.

  • Connection via cable allows you to work not only with music files, but also with photos, videos.
  • The USB interface adapter, it is possible to connect to the installed radio and not only, can play the role of a separate device. The advantage is that it does not matter which documents need to be reproduced and from which medium - a flash card, telephone, player.

There are many options for connecting the iPod to the car radio using a cable, here are the most relevant. It is worth noting that a huge disadvantage of such a connection of devices is cumbersome (wiring harnesses hang), which looks ugly in a modern car.

Connect iPod via Bluetooth

This wireless option for transferring files or data is the simplest and safest method for synchronizing devices, because the cost of such an adapter and its capabilities in a matter of minutes compensate for the low speed (cable runs faster) of document transfers.

Connection Instructions:

  1. We start devices if they are disconnected.
  2. Next, we search for gadgets.
  3. We activate synchronization.

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So how did I make an iPod with a radio tape recorder?

And there is no FM transmitter function. modulator meaning ...

In the radio or something?

either a cable with an output-input of 3.5mm (control will be from an iPod) or a unit for connecting an iPod from a pioneer (control with gu) costs 3500r store speaker red army / falcon)

Yes, I know, they wrote about this adapter)

not) jae on jack certainly will not go. and most likely there is no full control

And if there is complete, then what will go?)

No, special cable is needed. but this current is kikie then certain peonies are friends directly. I have not read for a long time. - they also write to me that it supports)) but without an adapter it doesn’t)

Well, I think it’s worth to find out whether he’s friends or not :) You should probably call some car audio store, there’s something tight about this in the internet :)
But in general, initially I wanted the iPod to be stupid like a USB flash drive, because it’s not good to listen from the transmitter or CDs :)

Why spend 2 thousand on iPod. if you can sell your mafon, add a bit of $$$ and buy a peony from USB and buy the flash for 2 gigs for the rest of the money for 500 rubles and then you still have 100-200 rubles left to wash the whole thing for beer =)

Well, I bought it for 4500, even if I’m selling it for the same money, I need to add it in order to get it from USB, the rest (which I don’t have, because I will pay extra current) is not necessarily a flash, because lying around 4. Yes, and in principle this model is so far happy :)

then go to the installers either, with beer, for example, and everything will be ok =)

Yes, it will be necessary. But this is all for the next month, I’m already tired of all this, you would know what it cost me to search for this peony, I don’t know how in the rest, but in our region, it’s tight with used DEH pioneers of the series, except for all kinds of 2200 ub and etc. galore :)

And what about the "Apple Lossless-alak", the sound format of which.
Do you remember a lover of high-quality sound, which Ipod doesn’t test?)
Moreover, your income seems to be not meager, you can buy a touch of generation standards, as a stylish element of the interior design :)

I don’t see the point in such a stray, for me it’s better I’ll replace the amp with speakers, and speakers at the same time, and squeeze out a maximum of mp3 =) if it is wildly small, I just write it to a regular CD format. By the way, all competitions in sound, while held on CD format. . . and music lovers know in what format to use music =)

Well, an audio CD, you just agree to play it :)
A speaker amp + speakers in your audio base is clearly not 6 tyrov there :)
Apparently how many people, so many opinions :)

I have front speakers 5700 =) rear 3500 =) and heavily on the ancient speakers, it used to cost 5 thousand, so xs skok =) therefore it should be changed before summer with the speakers to a more worthwhile =) =)

Hmm, and you threw me a thought ...
So my tricky plan is:
1) Ahead bass bass - power direct sub drive.
2) To the rear we take 2 channel amp
3) We buy a sub, give him 2 channels on the bridge.
Get a tut tut tut :)
Where did I get pierced?)

1. you don’t need especially bass speakers in front =) from speakers, simple, not subwoofer, you won’t squeeze out a lot of bass. take DLS R6A LE they are pretty bass speakers
2. You do not need to take 2 channels to the rear. these 2 channels must be put on the front (front). rear can be left from the radio, SIMPLE FOR SINGING!
3. sub buy a love and give him 2 channels of the bridge.
TOTAL: you hear the sound in front, clean, powerful. loud. if suddenly someone who sits behind him will just sing columns from his head, and the sub will convey bass =)

So you have punctures everywhere =)

1. 7350 rubles - I don’t have a drain machine, and their size is 2 times larger than they could fit: D
2. It is possible and so.
3. And it is possible :) Sub heard the Oriole good, what do you think?)

I don’t see the point in such a stray, for me it’s better I’ll replace the amp with speakers, and speakers at the same time, and squeeze out a maximum of mp3 =) if it is wildly small, I just write it to a regular CD format. By the way, all competitions in sound, while held on CD format. . . and music lovers know in what format to use music =)

Well, too, if you think about "by the way, all competitions in sound, while they are held on CD format," then imagine competitions where everyone comes with iPods: D